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Our Next Game: Dead Panic!

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  2. “When I played Castle Panic, I immediately thought that this would suit a Zombie Siege theme . This Will be a hit, I’m eagerly awaiting this.”

    • “Yup. You could almost say it’s a “no-brainer!” Oooh, sorry. Still though. We’re excited to get this one out there.”

  3. “Sounds great. Can’t wait.”

  4. “Sounds great! Can’t wait to buy it and play!”

  5. “With the hordes of Zombie games already on the market, what makes this one any different than any of those others already out there?”

    • “Hi Jim. Good question. One of the biggest differences will be the general feel of the game. Instead of roaming around a map, looking for supplies and becoming zombie-killing machines, players in Dead Panic will be in for a much more claustrophobic, high pressure situation. Supplies will be limited and the majority of gameplay will take place inside the cabin. We’re going for much more of a “Night of the Living Dead” feel with this game than other games have. Here, the zombies are continuously closing in and players will need to coordinate their actions and work together to keep from being overrun. We’re basing parts of the game off of Castle Panic mechanics such as the ring/arc setup and rotating to track damage, but adding lots of new gameplay opportunities. Since Castle Panic was first released, many of our fans have been making comparisons to a zombie movie and asking for something that fit that theme. We’re happy to be scratching that itch. We’ll keep you updated when we have more details to show and I think that will help clarify what sets our game apart.”

  6. “The theme sounds just a bit too close to the ‘oh no… zombies’ game. And “Get bitten…turn into a zombie” has been done to death. But I’ll reserve judgement until I see several user reviews on BGG. I hope I’m wrong.”

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