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  1. “Will Kaiju Crush be for sale at GenCon?”

    • “Hi Jim,

      No, Kaiju Crush is scheduled for a November release, so it won’t be available at GenCon. We will have it available to demo, but not for purchase. Hope to see you there!”

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  3. “Will you guys be at ORigins?”

  4. “Miniatures or needles? Any chance we could see any prototypes? Looks great, by the way! 👍”

    • “Hi Samuel,

      We have the plastic flame minis in Hotshots, and standees in Kaiju Crush. We’ll have the prototype of Kaiju Crush at Origins. Hope you can make it!”

  5. “Please take my money!
    Are there plastic monsters?”

    • “Hi John,

      We’re glad you’re excited! The monsters will be standees in Kaiju Crush. That helps us keep the game priced at $29.95.