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Bloodsuckers is a highly competitive, card-driven, combat game that pits Vampires against Hunters in a brutal turf war for the town of Blackwood.

Choose a side, and fight to the death to control the most locations within Blackwood. Unleash powerful card combos to attack your opponent, but beware, as your strength rises and falls with the time of day.

Battle alone or alongside a teammate to recruit the innocent bystanders at each location to join you in your quest for dominance. Win the battles and claim the most locations to declare victory in the fight between the living and the undead!

Game Info

Designed by Justin De Witt & Anne-Marie De Witt

Bloodsuckers play icons

Awards and Accolades

Toys Bulletin Best of 2015
bloodsuckers card game box cover

How to Play

More Ways to Learn How to Play

Download a copy of the RULES. (PDF)

Game Includes

  • Game board
  • Rulebook
  • Guide mat
  • 4 On Your Turn cards
  • 6 Blood tokens
  • 6 Adrenaline tokens
  • 1 Die
  • 20 Action tokens
  • 10 Hunter attack counters
  • 10 Vampire attack counters
  • 51 Hunter Combat cards
  • 51 Vampire Combat cards
  • 32 Character cards

About the Game

Bloodsuckers game board

The board tracks the time of day and the location in play.

Combat cards in Bloodsuckers card game

The Vampire and Hunter decks contain powerful attacks and ability combinations.

Character cards in Bloodsuckers card game

The unique “3-sided” card design uses the back of the card tracks battle progress and shows characters as either Hunter or Vampire.

counters and tokens in Bloodsuckers card game

Action tokens, attack counters, blood tokens, and adrenaline tokens help you keep track of your progress in battle.


Accessories and Promos

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