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Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to  the avid fans who submitted questions about precisely how to kill zombies,  we’re able to provide the following answers about playing Dead Panic.

This is a living document. As questions are submitted,  we will be updating it. These clarifications will be in the rules  for the 3rd printing of the game. If you have additional questions, please submit a question on our website.  Happy hunting!

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Updated 1/12/16

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Bait Token

Does the person with the Bait token always perform their actions first?

Yes. The person holding the Bait token performs their Actions first, and the round ends when every player has performed two Actions. Then, you draw an Event card, add and move zombies, and fight zombies. Once the Fight Zombies phase is ended, the Bait token is passed to the next player to the right, and that person begins the round by performing their actions. This way, no single person always performs their Actions first, and everyone has a turn as Bait.


Can Survivors move through Cabin walls?

Like Characters, Survivors can move through walls.

If Survivors make it into the Cabin, what do they do after they drop the Radio Piece?

Survivors remain in the room they reach, fighting any Zombies that move into  that space and turning into a Zombie when all health points are depleted. (See  page 6 of the rulebook.) It might be helpful to think of such Survivors  as landmines of a sort.

When a Survivor Zombie dies, is it removed from the game or returned to the bag?

It is removed from the game, having served  its purpose in bringing you a Radio Piece. RIP, Survivor Zombie.

Cabin Cards

Which items are single use?

All the Item cards except Grip Tape may be used once only.

When Grip Tape is applied to a melee weapon, how does it affect your hand size?

When Grip  Tape is on a weapon, it no longer counts against your hand size. Remember,  though, that it does take an action to put the Grip Tape on the weapon.

If you draw the Cabin Card "Graaaaaaagh!" and pull a Survivor token, do you place it in the Cabin or put it back and draw again?

You place the Survivor token in the same space with you and thank your lucky stars.


What is a club and when can I use it?

A club is a ranged weapon without  any ammo (e.g., a pistol with no bullets left). You can use a club during melee  combat (whether it’s during the Perform Actions Phase or the Fight Zombies  Phase) to do injury to a Zombie on a win or to have a weapon to discard on a  loss. (Note: The club is discarded after a single use regardless of the outcome  of the fight.) (See page 3 of the rulebook.)

If you are fighting a Zombie with a club (which will at the end of the fight need to be discarded anyway) and you lose the fight, does discarding the club count as losing a weapon instead of taking an injury?

Yes, that is the advantage the club  brings to a melee combat and part of the calculation you’ll want to make when  choosing your weapon.

How much damage does a club deal?

A club deals 1 point of damage on a win.

Event Cards & Drawing Zombies

Are Event cards and Zombies drawn every time a player performs his/her actions?

No, ALL players perform actions and then an Event card and Zombies are  drawn. (See page 2 of the rulebook.)

How many spaces does a Sprinter move if he is in the same space as a Radio Piece and the Event card Entangled is drawn?

The Sprinter will move only 1 space (in accordance with the language on the Event card), taking the Radio Piece with him.

How do I use the chart on page 6 of the rulebook called "Attracted by Gunfire and Special Weapons"?

Attracted by Gunfire is an Event card  that changes who gets the Bait token based on bullets used that round. The  chart on page 6 helps clarify how to count the bullets when certain weapons  have been fired.

Characters Dying

What happens to a Character's items and weapons when he/she dies?

When a Character dies, all of his/her  Cabin cards are discarded.

What happens to the Radio/Radio Pieces if the Character carrying them dies?

The (assembled) Radio or (unassembled) Radio Pieces are dropped in the space in  which the Character died. The remaining players will need to pick up the Radio  or Radio Pieces to call the Rescuers.

Character Zombies

How do Character Zombies fight?

Unlike other Zombies in the game,  Character Zombies do not have a printed fight value. Players who have become Zombies  fight by rolling both dice against another player. (See page 10 of the  rulebook.) The player with the highest roll (after any modifiers are taken into  account) wins.

Does the Character Zombie get pushed back on a tie?

If the player for the Character  Zombie has chosen “Win on ties” as an ability, the Character Zombie wins on  ties. If not, nothing happens on a tie. (See page 9 of the rulebook.)

If you are in the same space with a Character Zombie and you shoot the Character Zombie, does the Character Zombie roll?

No, shooting a Character  Zombie is just like shooting a Zombie; it’s an instant hit.

If a Character Zombie dies, do you remove it from game or return it to the bag?

Remove it.  You only get 2 chances to live in this game.


The rules state that for 1 action you can repair a crack in a Wall in the same arc that your Character is in. Does this mean my Character can be anywhere in the arc?

No, your Character must be next to  the Wall that needs repair (i.e., in the Cabin or Yard ring of the arc).

Zombie Movement

The Zombie movement chart on page 7 of the rulebook indicates that if a Zombie is in the Cabin and can't see any Characters/Survivors but can see the van, they move toward the Van. Do Zombies outside the Cabin who can't see anyone else also move toward the Van?

No, they move toward the Cabin,  as per usual when they can’t see any humans. (The rule about the Zombies in the  Cabin is to keep from having Zombies that just rotate around and cease to be a  threat.)

When Zombies break down a Wall, do the Zombies enter the Cabin or do they stay in the Yard?

Whenever a wall is broken down, all zombies stay in the Yard ring until the next Move Zombies phase, regardless of the number of zombies in the Yard. Even Sprinters who would have normally moved a second space into the Cabin are stalled by the wreckage of the wall. The exception to this rule is Creepers. If there is a Creeper in the Yard, the Creeper slips though the wall and into the cabin, whether the wall is standing or not (provided that you’ve rolled the requisite number to make Creepers move, of course).

Fighting Zombies

Can I fight during the Perform Actions Phase?

Yes. One option during the Perform Actions Phase is to Use 1 Cabin Card. Cabin Cards include weapons. Using a weapon is fighting a Zombie.

The rules state that if you move into a space with Zombies during the Perform Actions Phase, you have to fight them. Is that in addition to possibly fighting them during the Fight Zombies Phase?

Yes, think of those as  movement checks, and remember that you only have to fight the strongest Zombie  (not all of them) when you move into the space. This fight does not take  another action. It is part of your movement. (See page 5 of the  rulebook.) If you are still in that space during the Fight Zombies Phase, you  will have to fight all of them once.

If you start the Perform Actions Phase with Zombies in the same space as you, do you have to fight them before moving away from them?

No, you only have to fight them when you move into a  space with them or if you are in the same space with them during the Fight  Zombies Phase. You can choose to fight them, however, during the Perform Actions Phase.

If you start the Perform Actions Phase with Zombies in the same space as you and you fight them, do you have to fight or kill all of them before you move away?

No. Any fighting during the Perform Actions Phase is  optional, with the one exception of having to fight the strongest Zombie  when you move into a space with 1 or more Zombies.

If you have more than 1 Character in a space with more than 1 Zombie, does each Character have to fight each Zombie?

No, each Zombie is fought 1 time  only during a single fight phase. The Characters take turns selecting which  Zombie to fight. (See page 10 of the rulebook.)

If I have a ranged weapon with enough ammo to kill a Zombie with more than 1 health point, can I use all of the ammo to do so?

It depends on which phase of play  you are in. If you are in the Perform Actions Phase, you may spend 1 action per  bullet to damage the Zombie. Usually, this will mean that you can kill a  2-point Zombie by using all of your actions as long as you have 2 bullets to do  the job. If you are in the Fight Zombies Phase, you may spend only 1 bullet on  a single Zombie. In this instance, you can kill only Zombies with 1 point of  health remaining (unless, of course, you have an item or weapon that allows an  exception to this rule).

Do I have to drop a melee weapon after I use it?

No. The only weapon you have to drop after a single use is the  club. Any other melee weapon may be  dropped on a lost melee fight to avoid taking an injury.

Can you use a melee weapon more than once during the Fight Zombies Phase when fighting more than 1 Zombie?

Yes. You have to select a weapon (if  you have 1) before each fight. As long as you still have a particular weapon in  your hand, you can choose it.

When a Character loses and he/she drops the weapon, can he/she pick it back up as a future action?

No, when a Character drops a weapon,  that weapon is discarded. Having to discard a weapon is part of the calculation  you need to make when deciding whether to take an injury instead.

Can I use a ranged weapon on a Zombie in the same space as me?

Yes. The one exception is the Elephant Gun.

Can you explain how to use the Chainsaw?

You can use the Chainsaw 2 different ways during melee combat. The first is to “burn” 1 of the “units of gas” by rotating the card and slaying a Zombie. The second is to roll against a Zombie, and if you win, damage  the Zombie for 1 point. You may want to slay a Zombie with many health points and a high fight value, but you  may want to try to damage a Zombie with few health points and a low fight value.

Radio Pieces

Does it cost an action to assemble the Radio?

Yes, assembling the Radio is 1 of the actions described on pages 3 and 5 of the rulebook.

Can I use an action to combine just 2 Radio Pieces (instead of all 3)?

Yes.  Because each Radio Piece takes up 1 spot in your hand and the built Radio takes  up just 1 spot, there are some situations in which you may want to build 2  pieces to keep a spot in your hand available. Remember that if you have 2 Radio  Pieces built together, the 3rd Radio Piece will take up a spot in your hand  (when you collect it) and combining it with the other 2 Radio Pieces will take  another action.

What happens to the Radio/Radio Pieces if the Character carrying them dies?

The (assembled) Radio or (unassembled) Radio Pieces are dropped in the space in  which the Character died. The remaining players will need to pick up the Radio  or Radio Pieces to call the Rescuers.


Can you enter the Van if there are Zombies in the same space as the Van?

Yes, but you have to fight the strongest Zombie when you enter the space. If you start Perform Actions in that space, you can just use 1 action to move into the Van.

Once a character gets into the Van, does he/she have to fight Zombies in the same space as the Van?

No, Characters who make it to the Van are safe. See Move Van and Shoot from Van on page 5 of the rulebook for actions that Characters in the Van can take.

Once a Character gets into the Van, does he/she retain his/her Special Ability?

No. The first Character can  move the Van right or left in the Woods 1 space per turn. All subsequent  Characters in the Van may damage 1 Zombie for 1 point at a range of 3.  Characters in the Van may take no other actions.

Can Characters drive the Van closer to the Cabin?

No. The Van can be driven only 1 space left or right in the Woods ring. (See page 5 of the rulebook.)

Can the Bait token be passed to players with Characters in the Van?

No. While Characters in the Van can take prescribed actions (see Move Van and Shoot from Van on page 5 of the rulebook for a description of those actions), they can no longer act as  Bait and attract Zombies.

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