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Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions about how, exactly, we managed to blend Castle Panic® and Munchkin®, we’re able to provide the following answers about playing Munchkin Panic.

This is a living document. As questions are submitted,  we will update it. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please submit a question on our website.

Game Play

If you have a question about Game Play for a specific game, choose your game from the list below and follow the link to that game’s specific FAQ page.

Castle Panic

Castle Panic: The Wizard’s Tower

Dead Panic

Munchkin Panic

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Updated 10/29/14

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Attacking Monsters

Can I attack and slay a glued or sleeping Monster even though they cannot be discarded?

Yes, you can attack and slay glued or sleeping Monsters.


The Wizard cannot use Specials on Harpies. Does this include both Castle and Treasure Specials?

Yes. Regardless of which deck the Special is from, the Wizard cannot use it on Harpies.

Is the Halfling's Treasure card point bonus considered only at the end of the game?

Yes. The Halfling gets 1 point for each Treasure card in his/her hand at the end of the game only.


Do I include Convenient Addition Error when determining the player with the lowest count of Trophy points in the Charity phase?

Yes. If Convenient Addition Error is under a Monster, that point is added to the value of that Monster.


When I draw the Curse Token that causes Monsters to move clockwise, how many spaces do they move?

Each Monster rotates 1 space clockwise. Monsters in arc 1 move to arc 2 (staying in the same ring), Monsters in arc 2 move to arc 3 (staying in the same ring), Monsters in arc 3 move into arc 4, etc.

Hand Limit

If I have more Castle cards than the hand limit allows at the start of my turn, do I discard down?

No. You don’t have to discard down, but you can’t draw up above the hand limit. So, you may not choose to discard that turn. It all depends on what you have in your hand.

Monster Enhancers

Do I have to negotiate to use the Monster Enhancers?

No. You can use the Monster Enhancers to boost a Monster’s health simply by playing the card on a Monster under attack.

If I play Enraged Monster, do I get to try to slay the Monster out of turn?

Yes. You can try to slay the Monster yourself after the other player’s attack is over. If you slay the Monster that you boosted with the Enraged Monster Enhancer, you can keep the Treasure and Trophy.


If I have used Flask of Glue or Sleep Potion on a Monster, can I then use Out to Lunch on him/her?

No. Out to Lunch causes movement by removing the Monster from the board. That Monster isn’t getting out that easy. (You can use Out to Lunch on the Monster and then use Flask of Glue on another Monster or Sleep Potion on the remaining Monsters, though. It’s all about timing.)

Drive Him Back! isn't listed as an example of cards that can cause movement in the descriptions for Flask of Glue and Sleep Potion. Does that mean I can use Drive Him Back! on a Monster that is stuck or sleeping?

No, we just listed a few examples of cards that cause movement. No cards that cause movement affect the Monster that has been glued or forced to sleep.

Can I play Illusion when Monsters cannot move?

No, that would be moving the Monsters. However, you can play Illusion on the Monsters before you cause them to stop moving.

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