A Clockwork Robot, a Ghostbuster, and a Master Slayer

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Medical appointments pulled us back to San Antonio, so we took advantage of the timing to attend ChimaeraCon for the first time. And are we glad we did! What a fun event! Lots of boardgaming and some of the best cosplay costumes we’ve seen! Check out our photos of a clockwork robot from Doctor Who and a ghostbuster. This con may be a smaller, regional one, but it is very well organized and draws serious fans. The organizers, Vince and Colleen Guzman, were vigilant about making sure all attendees were having a good time and that all events were well attended. If it ever seemed that the “fun pot” need to be stirred, someone would make an announcement about an event beginning or demos available. There was a very good, supportive vibe the entire weekend.

From ChimaeraCon and Dragon’s Lair San Antonio, posted by Fireside Games on 4/09/2013 (22 items)

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We loved getting to know Tiffany Franzoni, owner of Roll2Play, a game store in Coppell, Texas, that we will be going to on our tour. She is so inspiring to talk to about introducing people to the hobby! She is doing great things in Coppell! If you are in the area, check out her store! And let the neighbors know that it’s not a gambling establishment. Or spread that particular weird rumor, get a good protest going, and get her some press!

We also found out about a series of 5 conventions put on by NDG (Nerd, Dorks, Geeks) Productions in San Antonio. Their steampunk-themed one is in March (Thingamajigy), a sci-fi one is in June (SciFest), a monster-themed one is in September (MonsterCon), their Bizarre Bazzar (a craft fair of the strange) is in November, and their Nerdtacular Holiday Bazar is in December. Each con has it’s own Facebook page, if you want to check them out for more info. We certainly will be. Sounds like a good time. All in our backyard!

The day after ChimaeraCon, we held our WXSW in-store event at Dragon’s Lair in San Antonio. Having been there many times before and not having a new game to show the locals, we weren’t sure how well-attended this event would be. Were we thrilled at the turnout! We were busy playing games and getting to know new people the entire night! We were thrilled to see April, Ron, and Jackie from ChimaeraCon. After all of the work they did at the convention, we were surprised to see them out the next night. That is commitment to gaming, right there, folks. They also participated in our 10-person Bears! tournament. We had such a good time. Hope you enjoy the video. Maybe next time you’ll be in it!

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