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We’ve been in San Luis Obispo for almost a week, and we’ve had a great time eating tri-tip sandwiches, drinking locally roasted coffee, and working on a super-secret new project! Last night finished up our much too brief time here with a visit to Captain Nemo Games and Comics in downtown SLO.

Captain Nemo is a really unique location in that it splits the location with their music store, Cheap Thrills Records. That gives it a really funky feel when you

walk in the door and see posters, CD’s, music gear, and Batman T-shirts. But don’t think that the games are secondary here. Their selection is quite nice and they actually have an entire second building set aside just for gaming space.

We were warmly welcomed by the manager, Jay, who got us set up, and then we met Kenneth, Keith and the rest of the SLO Meetup group. It was a great night with a nice turnout! So many gamers were already fans, and it was really neat to introduce them to Bears! (which they loved) and sign everyone’s copy of Castle Panic. We got to demo all our games to the group and get many of our experienced players into The Wizard’s Tower, which was new to most.

The first time this group played Castle Panic, they finished with all their walls and towers intact. The Wizard’s Tower would be a different story . . . The monsters were in top form, and the castle went down in flames more than once that night. In one game, the perfect storm of a big draw of monsters, followed by the Healer and a Move Monsters token, pretty much doomed the players.

“I think we can still pull this off!”

We also had a very special visit from one of our superfans, Harmony, who we originally met back in Los Angeles at OrcCon earlier this year. She lives in the area and was really excited to see us again and get her games signed.

The last game of the night came down to nothing left but The Wizard’s Tower and two walls, one of which was on fire. Some good spellcasting and a handy draw of the Barbarian saved the day, and gave us our only Master Slayer of the night. Good work, Justin!

Tonight we’ll be at Crazy Squirrel Games in Fresno, starting at 5:30. See you there!

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2 thoughts on “Ahoy Cap’n!

  1. It was great having you guys come and introduce us to new games, and my boyfriend, Justin, and I had a lot of fun! Thanks!

    1. Hi Michelle,

      you’re welcome, and thanks for coming out to our event! We had a great time with the whole Meetup group. You and Justin made a good duo fighting off monsters too.

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