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AllthingsfunDuring our Summer Tour we stopped in at All Things Fun! in West Berlin, New Jersey and played a few demo games of Castle Panic with Wes and Jess, who just happen to be the hosts of the All Things Fun! Podcast.  I had the opportunity to answer some of their questions in a short interview which has been posted for your listening pleasure in mp3 format here.The podcast covers several game reviews, interviews and more, and is a good listen all around. My portion of it begins right around 30 minutes in.  I’ve been interviewed several times before and I always get a kick out of seeing what questions folks will ask, but this one was quite fun in that Wes and Jess hadn’t played Castle Panic yet and we had literally JUST finished 2 games minutes before the interview. That meant that their impressions of the game were still really fresh, and while we all had a good time, if you listen close you can hear Jess call it her new favorite game.  If you listen close you can hear me grinning from ear to ear in the interview as well.


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