Announcing The Wizard’s Tower!

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The Wizard's Tower Box cover

Fireside Games is very proud to announce the first expansion to Castle Panic.

Introducing The Wizard’s Tower!

Your Castle has been rebuilt, and a friendly Wizard has joined your forces. As long as his Tower stands, you and your friends have access to powerful magic spells.

And you’ll need them. The Monsters have returned stronger, faster, smarter and with new abilities to threaten the Castle. You’ll fight magical Imps, evasive flying creatures, and more. Make your stand against six new, dangerous Mega Boss Monsters, including the Dragon and Necromancer. Use fire to attack the Monsters, but beware, your Walls and Towers can be burned down as well!

The challenge is high but so is the adventure.  Can you survive more panic and defend The Wizard’s Tower?

This eagerly anticipated release is for 1 to 6 players, ages 12 and up and plays in 90 minutes or less. The Wizard’s Tower is an expansion to Castle Panic and not a stand-alone game. It requires Castle Panic to play.

If you’re a fan of Castle Panic, this new expansion is what you’ve been craving! The Wizard’s Tower adds new Monsters, cards, and game mechanics to take the original game to a whole new level. Easily integrated into the core game, The Wizard’s Tower builds on the familiar aspects of Castle Panic while adding new choices and challenges to keep players coming back for more!

The Wizard’s Tower will be available in late November and has an MSRP of $24.95. For more information, check out The Wizard’s Tower page on our website and stay tuned for more updates.

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4 thoughts on “Announcing The Wizard’s Tower!

  1. Also exciting is that it says it’s the first expansion; hopefully more to come!

  2. Sweeeeeet !
    This is really more than i hoped for, this is going to be a great expansion to the game.
    Where can i preorder ?

    1. Hi JC, Glad to hear you’re excited about the game. We’re not taking pre-orders just yet. Our plan is to solve some e-commerce issues first that will give us more flexibility, but once we’ve got that solved we’ll let everyone know!

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