Austin is full of gamers

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Our panel discussion last Saturday was a lot of fun. We had a great time discussing games, game development, publishing and more. One thing that became even more clear during that discussion was that Austin is literally full of gamers.

We already know Austin is a great city filled with a lot of creative individuals, but the gaming community in Austin is pretty impressive. Not only are there a ton of gamers, and game groups, but some very impressive games are being created in this city.  Dan Manfredini, the creator of Monkey Lab was there, as well as Jonathan Leistiko, the designer of The Isle of Dr. Necreaux as well as Keith Savage, the designer of Treasure Trove. 

Getting all four of us in a room together was a hoot, but we’re not even the entire list of all the people making and publishing games in Austin.  I’m hoping we can do another event like this again soon and get even more designers involved.  It was a great way to show off yet another way that Austin is a very cool town.


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