BGGCon wrap up!

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BGGCon wrapped up over a week ago and it went great. We’ve eaten more than our share of Thanksgiving turkey since then, and now it’s time to report back. We arrived late on Wednesday, so we weren’t able to set up until Thursday morning. We were sharing our vendor area with the guys from Steve Jackson Games and AEG.  It didn’t take long to figure out that this would be a fun group to hang out with. Continue reading BGGCon wrap up!

We’re off to BGGCon!

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We’re heading up to Dallas tonight to get set up for the start of the BoardGameGeek Convention tomorrow (BGGCon for short).  We’ll be selling copies of Castle Panic, meeting lots of new folks and people we haven’t seen since last year’s convention, and generally having far too much fun than should be allowed in 4 days.

As such, there may be a delay in email responses, but things should be back to normal by Monday.

Hope to see you there!


Panel discussion and demos this weekend

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This coming weekend is a busy one. 

First off on Saturday the 14th we’ll be at Dragon’s Lair Comics and Fantasy in Austin where we’ll be participating in a special panel discussion with other Austin game publishers. The panel starts at 11:00 am and the focus will be on game design and getting your game published. The discussion will then be followed by demos from the designers. It should be a great event and a chance to meet some local game designers and get answers to those questions you’ve always wanted to ask.  Like, “does bacon really make everything better?” Continue reading Panel discussion and demos this weekend

Reminder – Preorder Deadline for Castle Panic is Friday, Nov. 13th!

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Just a reminder, if you’re going to be at BGGCon this year you can pre-order Castle Panic for only $30.00 and a copy will be waiting for you at the convention.  You don’t pay until you pick it up, but time is running out. 

The final day to place your preorder will be Friday the 13th (just to further enhance the spookiness). After that you will still be able to buy the game at the convention, but it will be at full price.

If you’d like to place a pre-order, visit our CONTACT page and let us know how many copies you’d like to reserve.

Thanks and see you at BGGCon!

– Justin

Video review of Castle Panic!

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Scott Nicholson of fame has just posted a new video review of Castle Panic and it’s fantastic!  We sent the game to Scott hoping he would have the time to review it and we guessed he would probably enjoy it, but this is something else.

Like all of Scott’s reviews, this one is really well done and he covers every part of the game with great detail.  (In fact, I’m going to have to rework the “How to Play” video I’ve been working on because of this!)  The best part though is how much Scott “gets it“. His review really captures the spirit of the game the way we intended it to be played and his excitement is contagious. 

If you’ve never seen one of his reviews before, you’re in for a treat.

Interview with Justin posted

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If you’re interested in reading a bit about how Castle Panic came about, you’re in luck. 

The gamers over at Dream with Board Games have just posted an interview we did last week.  It’s a fun read and they asked a lot of good questions about the creation of the game and my thoughts on the hobby business and gaming in general.  Check it out.


Castle Panic – One Cool Thing at Rincon

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Rincon sounds like it was a hoot.  Lots of games, lots of fun and Wil Wheaton thrilling the crowd on Rock Band.  During the con people were interviewed and asked what they thought “One Cool Thing” was at the show. 

The whole video is pretty entertaining (especially former Austin gamer Richard Banana, aka: “Palm Guy“) but at about 7:34 Wil talks about his Cool Thing.

We couldn’t be more flattered.

We’ll be at BGGCon and we’re taking preorders!

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We’re proud to announce that we’ll be attending BoardGameGeekCon this November!

BoardGameGeekCon is a 4 day event that takes place in Dallas starting on November 19th and is put on by the website

At the convention, we will offer Castle Panic for sale at the regular price of $35.00. However, we are offering a special preorder discount if you place your order now, and you’ll be able to purchase a copy at the convention for only $30.00.

You can place your order by going to our Contact page and emailing us your name and how many copies you’d like to purchase. We’ll have your order waiting for you at the convention. Checks and cash will be accepted for payment then.

You can email us your order here.

See you at the con!

– Justin

Wil Wheaton likes our game!

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Castle Panic made a surprise appearance at Rincon in Tucson, Arizona over the weekend and everybody’s favorite geek, Wil Wheaton got a chance to play it.  Since he called it “Incredibly fun” I’ve got to think that means he had a good time.

How cool is that?

Glad to hear you liked it Wil!

*UPDATE* Wil has posted a bit more on his blog. It’s a good read and a good recap of Rincon, which sounds like an absolute blast!