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Getting your hands on a copy of Castle Panic just got a lot easier. As of now, you can find our game on the shelves of your local Barnes and Noble Booksellers store as well as through their online catalog


Now, I should mention that while we are available at, not every store will be carrying our game.  We are still being rolled out to many stores that  plan on carrying our game, but may not have made the updates to their inventory yet. In case you haven’t been to a B&N lately, they’ve really expanded their game section to include a large number of “hobby” style games including some famous names and some you may never have heard of. 

As far as we’re concerned, this is a fantastic sign.  At Fireside Games, one of our main goals is to make the fun of board games accessible to everyone.  We strive to help gain broad exposure for our hobby with the mainstream public that is largely unfamiliar with our type of entertainment.  Having a respected and well known retailer like Barnes and Noble put their support toward the same goal is amazing. 

So do your part to help out! Swing by your local store to see what they have on their shelves and help support a great retailer with some great products.

– Justin

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