Bloodsuckers Instructional Video is up!

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For those of you that want to see how Bloodsuckers is played, or are looking for a quick way to learn the rules, we just posted an instructional video that fits the bill. We cover how to setup the game for 2-, 3-, or 4-players, and then walk you through basics of how the game works.

I’ve posted the video here, but it will be available on our Bloodsuckers page as well.

Good hunting!


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3 thoughts on “Bloodsuckers Instructional Video is up!

  1. […] If you were curious about Bloodsuckers but too lazy to read the newly released instruction video is just what you’ve been waiting for. Now you have no excuse not to know about it. […]

  2. Thanks, I really like it when there is a good instructional video. The folks I play with get sudden onset acute ADD when we read the rules for a new game. The video got us pointed in the right direction.

    1. Hi Doug, That’s great to hear! We’re very glad to know that the video helped you out. Have fun and good hunting!

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