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Allright, so Paul wanted pictures of the production sample we received of Bloodsuckers the other day. I decided to go one better and try out our new camera while I was at it. Here’s a video showing off the sample and all it’s components.


UPDATE! The Character cards were still on the press sheet in the video, but I’m posting a photo of some cut out examples:


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4 thoughts on “Bloodsuckers Sample Video

  1. Nice!

    Is the guide map a necessary part of the game, or is it something experienced players can skip?

  2. It’s essentially just a “play aid”, in fact you really don’t need it for a 2 player game. Experienced players may be able to do without it, but we found that in a 4 player game it really helps to keep track of each player’s characters and generally and keep things moving smoothly.

    I’m sure some folks will get to where they don’t need it, but most players will find it quite helpful.

  3. Very cool – thanks for putting this up!

  4. […] Games posted pictures and video of the production sample for their upcoming Bloodsuckers […]

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