Board Game Geek Convention Approaches!

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It’s almost mid-November, so that means it’s time for one of our favorite conventions of the year: BGG.Con! How can we not love a huge gaming convention that’s a big party and is within driving distance?

This year, the Con runs from Wednesday the 16th through Sunday the 20th. Like last year, I’ll be attending this convention as an attendee rather than running a booth at the show. That means we won’t have any games for sale at the convention, but I’ll be carrying a “bag full of goodies” looking to demo any of our games anywhere you can find me!

The Walking Demo

I’ll have a copy of Castle Panic, Bloodsuckers, and Bears! with me, but the big news is that I’ll also have an advance copy of The Wizard’s Tower to demo for the first time at BGG.Con!  That’s right, play the expansion before you can buy it! WOOT!


In addition to all that goodness, I will also have a brand new game with me that is still in development and needs playtesting. If you’ve ever wondered where all those names in the credits at the end of our rules come from, this is it. It’s a great opportunity to try out a new game before anyone else, plus your feedback helps make the game as good as it can be.

I’ll be wearing a Fireside/Castle Panic T-shirt and carrying a bag-full-o-games. I’ll post updates to Twitter @firesidegames to let everyone know more precisely where I end up demoing.

See you there!


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