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What fun would a game about witches be without spell-casting? Don’t worry, The Village Crone, is chock full of this kind of fun!

You main objective in The Village Crone is to score 13 points first by completing Witch’s Schemes. To do so, you will be sending out your Familiars to harvest Ingredients you need to cast a variety of spells to achieve the objectives on your Witch’s Scheme cards.


There are 8 different spell types you can cast, each requiring a different mix of Ingredients and a special incantation. We have provided incantations for you, but you are permitted to make up your own if you are feeling particularly witchy while playing.

Pages 4 & 5 of the rule book go into detail about each spell, giving examples of how they work and how they affect the Villagers, and possibly your Familiars.

Let’s take a look at a specific spell-casting scenario:


The Witch’s Scheme card objectives are 1)Get the Farmer to the Mill, and 2) Transform the Farmer into a Frog. Getting the Farmer to the Mill can be done in several ways (Movement, Summoning, or Switching), but Transforming the Farmer requires the Transformation spell.

The Transformation Spell requires 1 Fire and 1 Flour to be combined along with the Incantation.


Once the Incantation is said and the Ingredients are discarded, the Frog token replaces the Farmer at the Mill.


You can now score that Witch’s Scheme card for 2 points, and get a new Witch’s Scheme card.

As long as you have the required ingredients, you can cast as many Spells as you wish on your turn and complete multiple Witch’s Scheme cards for points. You can cast Spells and use Movements in any order on your turn as well.

These tokens indicate active Spells on the board: Binding Ring, Love Token, Frog Token
These tokens indicate active Spells on the board: Binding Ring, Love Token, Frog Token

The different Spells manipulate the Villagers around in various ways and there are multiple uses for each spell. Transforming Villagers into Frogs breaks an existing Love Spell on those Villagers. Summoning a Villager who is in Love with another, brings BOTH Villagers to the summoned location. Stay alert and get creative with your Spells and you can truly master what it means to be The Village Crone.

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