Castle Panic Gets a Golden Geek Nomination

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The Golden Geek Nominees were recently posted over at and Castle Panic has been nominated! The Golden Geek is an award that’s given away entirely based on votes from the Board Game Geek community for best games every year. Since this is a group of people that live, eat and sleep board games it’s really something to have made the final cut.

Ironically, we’ve been nominated in the category of “Children’s Game”. While it’s still an honor to be nominated at all, I have a large number of grown-ups that might beg to differ about that classification. . . I guess that just shows that all our work to make our game easy to learn and fast to play may have paid off a little too well.  Oh well, this is us not looking a gift horse in the mouth and saying “Thank You!” for the nomination and we look forward to seeing the final votes.

The winners will be announced this Saturday, November 20th at the Board Game Geek Convention in Dallas, TX.

Wish us luck!


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