Castle Panic on TableTop!

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The Castle Panic episode of TableTop aired today and it’s a great one! If you haven’t seen Wil Wheaton and his weblebrity friends defend the castle yet, you can watch it over at Geek & Sundry or right here.

Go ahead, we’ll wait . . .

See, wasn’t that awesome!?

Even Felicia Day says it’s her favorite TableTop episode!

Wil has been a fan of Castle Panic since it first came out, and we’re incredibly excited and honored to have him feature it on his show. The great thing about TableTop as opposed to a podcast or review is that you’re not just hearing someone tell you about playing the game, you’re watching it happen right in front of you. All the table talk, joking, and strategizing that goes on during a game is right there! And it’s a lot of fun.

So let’s talk about our favorite parts, shall we?

We’re proud of our game and the work we put into it, and there’s a great moment where Wil describes rotating the Monsters to track damage by saying “It is one of my favorite mechanics in any boardgame, like since the game Mousetrap!” This is coming from a guy that loves games, has played hundreds of them, and even created a web show about them. It’s high praise indeed.

I loved Andre the Black Nerd’s (@blacknerd) comment that the game is like the opposite of reality T.V., “I’m not here to win. I’m here to make friends.” Plus, he makes great sound effects when he plays Tar and rebuilds a Wall, and I always love that. There’s something about Castle Panic that really seems to promote making sound effects, don’t you think? It’s a shame we didn’t get to hear Wil making Giant Boulder noises, though . . .

Tara Platt (@taraplatt) definitely grasped the strategy quickly and makes a good call on using that Tar card early in the game. Sometimes it’s not the Monster at the wall that you need to worry about, it’s the one behind him. As the game progresses, our heroes begin to realize the depth of their situation. I’m sure you can relate to Wil’s comment about drawing new Monster tokens, “Every time I put my hand in that cup, I feel like there’s gonna be a mousetrap in there.” That’s what we like to hear. ;) We also liked hearing, “Draw good cards! Draw good cards! . . . Draw better cards! Draw better cards!”

Oh, and does anybody else notice that every time they interview Yuri Lowenthal (@yurilowenthal), he’s eating something? I love it. How busy is this poor guy’s schedule that he has to take snack breaks during filming?!

He also makes the classic mistake of taunting the Castle Panic gods. He makes a reference to a terrible internet meme, which immediately causes Andre to draw the Troll Mage. Do not make light of reaching into the “Cup of Doom” lest ye be cursed!  I have to admit, though, I LOL’d for reelz when that happened. I LOL’d a bit more when Tara went on to draw eleventy-billion Monsters on her turn.

I think my favorite moment, though, has to be around 20:40, during Wil’s interview right after Tara’s draw. He’s saying, “The only thing that would have been worse . . .,” and the lights burn out mysteriously. Classic!

The whole episode rounds out with the players now having become veterans.  You can tell because as Wil reaches into the cup one last time, Yuri casually says “How bad could it be?” and is immediately hammered by shouts of “Don’t say that!” Yes, our heroes have come far and learned much. Mostly, they have learned that there is always room for panic.


The players win the game with 3 Towers still standing, but hopefully we gave them a good cardiac workout. Congratulations to the Monsta KillaZ! They deserve their trophy, and I want all of them to come over to my house now for a game of The Wizard’s Tower! I especially appreciate that Wil was classy enough to offer our game a delicious glass of consolation Bourbon.

All in all, it was another great episode of a great show. Now where do I get my own life-sized cardboard Wil Wheaton?

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