All Things Fun Podcast

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AllthingsfunDuring our Summer Tour we stopped in at All Things Fun! in West Berlin, New Jersey and played a few demo games of Castle Panic with Wes and Jess, who just happen to be the hosts of the All Things Fun! Podcast.  I had the opportunity to answer some of their questions in a short interview which has been posted for your listening pleasure in mp3 format here. Continue reading All Things Fun Podcast

The Gen Con Spiel Interview Is Up

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SpielWhile we were at Gen Con I had the opportunity to meet the guys from The Spiel, the game review and news podcast, and spend a little time answering some of their questions about Castle Panic. It turns out they were working pretty hard at the convention because they just posted their podcast of all the different game companies they interviewed and there’s a lot of good stuff in there! Continue reading The Gen Con Spiel Interview Is Up

Origins, Origins and more Origins!

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The miniatures Exhibit Hall

Wow, that was a lot of fun! We just got back from Columbus, Ohio and the Origins Game Fair and we had a blast. The show was huge and we met a ton of fans and made a bunch of new friends. Unfortunately, we didn’t come back with the Origins Award, but just being nominated and having such great exposure still feels like winning to us. Continue reading Origins, Origins and more Origins!

Once Upon A Time . . .

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We all love a good story, and stories about ancient castles, brave knights and hideous monsters are usually really good ones right?  Heck, those kind of stories helped inspire me to create Castle Panic after all. 

I guess it only seems fair that after all this we’ve inspired a story.  Even more fair in that it’s a really short story, since our game plays pretty quick as well.  Writer and Artist Andi Newton has penned a 100 word story set in the world of Castle Panic and it tickles us to no end.  The only bad part? I want to know what happens next.

We know we’ve got a lot of creative fans out there. If you’ve got a story you’ve written about our world of castles and monsters, let us know!  You can submit your story to us through this link and we’ll post the ones we like the best in a special section of our website!

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, but I don’t know if that helps against giant boulders.


Castle Panic Nominated for an Origin Award!

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The Origin Award Nominees were announced last Friday and Castle Panic has been nominated in the Board Game Category! For those of you unfamiliar with the Origin awards they are a bit like the Academy Awards for games. You might say we’re a little excited around here . . . Continue reading Castle Panic Nominated for an Origin Award!

New Podcast review from Garrett’s Games and Geekiness!

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The reviews just keep coming and this one’s a lot of fun.
Doug and Shelly over at Garrett’s Games and Geekiness have posted a podcast where they discuss Castle Panic.  They go into some nice detail and really give a sense of the fun you can have while fending off Monsters. One of the things they highlight nicely is how Castle Panic is great for introducing “non-gamers” to the fun of board gaming, without giving anyone a headache or scaring new gamers off.   Continue reading New Podcast review from Garrett’s Games and Geekiness!

Flames Rising review

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Matt over at Flames has posted a great review of Castle Panic. They usually focus on dark fantasy and horror entertainment, but they were kind enough to lean our way for some Castle defending action. Matt experienced all the Plagues, Boulders and Boss Monsters the game could throw at him and still came away ready for more.  “My favorite element of Castle Panic is the teamwork players need to have in order to win the game.” We agree Matt.  Check out his review for a great rundown and his take on defending the Castle.


We made the Top 100 Board Game Sessions . . . Twice!

Posted on is a fantastic site. If you ever have a question about a game, want to read a review or just comment on a game, it’s the best site on the net to do it. The users of the site are no slouches when it comes to writing funny, insightful, witty comments about their favorite games. Continue reading We made the Top 100 Board Game Sessions . . . Twice!