Defending the Castle isn’t so impossible after all.

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Castle Panic just got a great review over at The Board Game Family. Not only that but Jaden put together a nice video review showing how it works and giving us his take on keeping the towers intact. If you’re curious to see how Castle Panic plays as a family game and what kids think of it, check it out.

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Video review of Castle Panic!

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Scott Nicholson of fame has just posted a new video review of Castle Panic and it’s fantastic!  We sent the game to Scott hoping he would have the time to review it and we guessed he would probably enjoy it, but this is something else.

Like all of Scott’s reviews, this one is really well done and he covers every part of the game with great detail.  (In fact, I’m going to have to rework the “How to Play” video I’ve been working on because of this!)  The best part though is how much Scott “gets it“. His review really captures the spirit of the game the way we intended it to be played and his excitement is contagious. 

If you’ve never seen one of his reviews before, you’re in for a treat.