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Last weekend, we hit the May gathering of the Dallas Games Marathon in Dallas. We hadn’t been in years, and this was our first time to check out the (relatively) new location. DGM (as all the cool kids call it) is just too much fun. Once a month, you get to hang out with tons of gamers, pick your way through a literal wall of games, grab free snacks and drinks, and forget about sleep. It does cost $20 at the door to get in, ($15 if you pre-order online) but for a mini-convention experience, it’s totally worth it. The event runs Friday through Sunday, but we were only able to attend this one for the first two days. Friday was quiet, but we still got to see a bunch of old friends and run some fun demos.

Saturday got super busy with us running demos of all our games and getting players ready for our tournaments. The Castle Panic tournament came first. One of three groups in the initial round fell to the monsters, leaving the other two to render our finalists. The final game came down to a few nail-biting moments, but when the dust settled, there were still towers standing and our Master Slayer, Chris Greigo, was the one holding the belt!

Later that afternoon and after teaching a few newcomers the fine art of sleeping, running, and shooting, we started up the Bears! tournament. The competition was strong, and the lead changed hands quite a bit, but then Robert Popeil (Bottom left) came from behind with a 20-point round to pull off a great win!

There were a few more demo games after that, and we even had a chance to play a game or two that wasn’t one of ours. Shocking! Then at the 8:00 awards ceremony, we delivered the prizes to the winners. We want to thank everyone at DGM for inviting us out and making it such a great night. We had a blast, and it makes us a little sad that we don’t live in Dallas to take advantage of this great gathering every month.

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