Dead Panic: Characters & The Van

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More helpful hints on playing Dead Panic!

First up, we have an explanation of the Characters you can play, their special abilities, and what happens when your Character gets turned into a zombie. It is important to understand your ability and those of your fellow players. You may need to remind your teammates to use their ability to help the group.

Next, we have an overview of the Van, a key component to winning to the game. Once you’ve achieved the objective of collecting the radio pieces and calling for help, the Van arrives and your objective becomes “Get in the Van!” The Van has special movement rules and affects your Character’s abilities once you make it to safety. (Hint: You can still help other players, but with limitations.)

We’ll be sharing info on Event Cards soon, so be sure to check back in the next few days!

You can watch the entire Dead Panic “How To” Playlist on our YouTube channel.

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5 thoughts on “Dead Panic: Characters & The Van

  1. Does the game have a solo variant?

    1. Dead Panic requires at least 2 players. You really need at least one other player to help you maximize the Cabin Cards you can have in play at any given time. Also, the limit of 2 actions per player per round, would give the zombies a distinct advantage over you in solo play. It’s difficult to survive the Zombie Apocalypse without someone to help watch your back!

  2. Thanks for the answer! I appreciate it.

    Would it be possible for one player to play two characters and sort of play an unofficial solo version that way? Or do you really just need at least two players?

    1. Hi Naomi, Yes, you can play two Characters to get the experience of a two-player game as a solo player. You can actually play more than 2 Characters if you want. Also, if you are playing a with a second player, you can each play two Characters for a 4-player option.

  3. Great! Thanks so much for the answers!

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