Dead Panic Piece Clarification

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We had a great time at our busiest Gen Con ever. We were thrilled to be able to demo Dead Panic and sell the first copies. In the rush to get Dead Panic to Gen Con, however, the factory assembled a few extra pieces that are causing some confusion. They won’t affect game play, and we’ve already confirmed with our printer that the assembly will be corrected for the remainder of the games.

If you purchased a copy at Gen Con, here is a quick clarification to make sure you get the best experience out of your game:

Radio Pieces

The game should only contain one (1) radio, which is a small puzzle made from 3 pieces. Some of the sets included 3 complete radio puzzles, for a total of 9 pieces. You should only play with a single puzzle.


The game should only include one (1) Character Token for each Character in the game, for a total of 8 Character Tokens. Some of the sets included 2 sets of Character Tokens for a total of 16. You should only play with 1 token and stand for Al, Barbara, David, Father Michael, Julie, Maria, Ray, and Sandra.


The game should only include one (1) wall with the artwork that contains both a door and a window. Some of the sets included 3 of these walls. Right now, that artwork has no effect on game play, so there is no need to swap out any of the pieces.

We want to thank all our fans for their patience and understanding as we continue to make the best games possible!

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