Emerald Tavern Hosts Some Fun and Games!

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Sunday was the first ever Fireside Games Day at Emerald Tavern, and it was jam-packed with orcs, zombies, and fans of Fireside Games! Anne-Marie and Justin arrived early to setup demo copies of all our games and then dived right in with The Wizard’s Tower and Dead Panic being the first games to get started. From there on it was non-stop gaming as new players tried out games for the first time and veteran players got to revisit some old favorites.

We also took this opportunity to show off the tooling sample of Munchkin Panic. This is the proof that we get from the factory that we use to make our checks before the game goes into full production. As such, it isn’t quite the complete game, but it was a great chance for people to get their first up close look at the game. We also had a copy of our behind-the-scenes book “Munchkin Panic: A Peek Under the Helmet,” which will also be available for review at GenCon. You can see a video version of the book on our YouTube channel.

Gaming is always better with a frosty beverage, and the helpful staff at Emerald Tavern was happy to help out on a hot summer day. We got to chat with some friends too, as Tox from Crits Happen, Andrew from Steve Jackson Games, and Hunter from Weapon’s Grade Tabletop all dropped by to say hi and play some games.

Andrew and Anne-Marie take a break to discuss some Munchkin business!

Gaming went on all the way through our 6:00 wrap up time, with Justin and Anne-Marie showing folks how to successfully fight zombies, run from bears, and fight vampires. Although the vampires ended up having to beat a hasty retreat in one of the closest games of Bloodsuckers we’ve had in a while! There was even time for a quick interview with WGTabletop as we wrapped up, so stay tuned for more on that. In the meantime, you can check out some fun video of the event right here.

UPDATE: Weapons Grade Tabletop just posted their interview with us!

We’d like to extend a special thanks to Josh and Chelsea for their help managing the event and teaching demos. All in all it was a great time with many new friends made and some new games added to lists of favorites.

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