Feather Bookmark Now Available at BGG Store!

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For those of you who’ve seen us at a convention in the last year or so, you had the opportunity to grab one of our awesome Feather bookmarks. These handy-dandy creations may look like ordinary bookmarks, and it’s true that they keep your place in a book with excellent precision, allowing you to return to the exact place you were last reading with pinpoint accuracy. But they do much more than that.

They help you slay Monsters.

You see, if you happen to have a Feather bookmark on you while you’re playing a game of Castle Panic, or The Wizard’s Tower, you get a great bonus. You may play the bookmark as if it were a card from your hand, and any Monster that has a Tar token on it is immediately slayed. Yelling “Booyah!” at the same time is both allowed and encouraged by the way.

Until recently, these amazing instruments of paper-power were only available at conventions where we would give them away in person. But no more! We’ve recently arranged an exclusive deal with Board Game Geek, and the Feather bookmark is now for sale via the Board Game Geek Store!

The BGG Store is a great addition to the regular BGG website where you can pick up promo items, accessories and more for all your favorite games. And now, you can order your very own Feather bookmark for just $2.50 with free shipping!

There is a minimum order of $5.00, but with all the great goodies available at the store, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding something else to add to your cart.

Check it out, and happy feathering!

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