Free Castle Panic Goodies!

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Are you looking for some extra goodies to go with your Castle Panic, or Wizard Tower games? Are you handy with scissors and glue? Do you just like free stuff? Then you’re in luck!

Two very enthusiastic fans of our games have created some fun accessories and the best part is they’re available for free. users Michael Delaney and Danilo CC have updated a tuckbox and score track, both of which can be downloaded straight off of the site.

Michael Delaney created a very nice tuckbox that is sized not only to hold all the cards from the original game, but also to hold the additional cards from The Wizard’s Tower. He reused the art from the cover so you’ll never mistake it for cards from another game. You can download a pdf of the tuckbox here and after a little printing, cutting, and gluing you cards will have a nice, new home.

Danilo CC just uploaded a customized scoring track to help you keep track of how many points you’ve scored in Monster kills. It’s great even in a co-op game, or as Danilo added, for making “jokes of your friends” if you’re playing the Master Slayer version. You can download the scoring track as a png here and you’ll be on your way to a glorious victory, or a shameful defeat. Either way, it will be easy to track and quite public.

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