Fun Article on Collaborative Games

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Mark Roessler over at The Valley Advocate has written a nice piece on the recent rise of collaborative games. He talks about several popular board games that feature this type of gameplay and wouldn’t you know it, Castle Panic gets a mention. Oh, and just a heads up, there is some language in the article that makes it for grown-ups only.

He also discusses Pandemic, Forbidden Island and Arkham Horror, so we think we’re in pretty good company. He goes into a long psychological evaluation of the social game Werewolf, which if you’ve ever played you will completely understand. Ah, the joys of mob mentality…

It’s a fun read and you can find it here. It touches on the idea that there has been a sudden rise in this type of cooperative gameplay. It may be true, but I can promise you, it wasn’t anything planned. There was no secret meeting of game designers where we all met in a dark, smokey room and concluded that the only way to world domination was for us all to release co-op games at about the same time. At least no secret meeting I’ll ever confess to.


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