GAMA Trade Show Wraps Up!

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Well, I just got back from my whirlwind trip out to Las Vegas for the GAMA Trade Show.  This was our first time attending GTS and it was quite an experience.

The show was held at the Bally’s casino this year, which is wild enough, but then you throw in a couple of days filled with games and accessories of all kinds and it all blends into one big Vegas overload. Overall the show was great, but a little smaller than I had expected. I was surprised to see that some of the big players like Fantasy Flight Games weren’t there, but that didn’t make it any less fun for us.  We were hosted by Publisher Services Inc, which meant that we shared a booth with some other manufacturers such as Steve Jackson Games, Tablestar Games and Tasty Minstrel Games.  You can see what the booth looked like at the start of the show.


The action picks up later in the morning and that’s when the crowds roll in. We got to meet with a ton of retailers, many of whom were already familiar with Castle Panic. We got great feedback from these store owners telling us how much their customers enjoy our game and the great sales they are seeing.



Oooooh, artsy!
Oooooh, artsy!

The trade show features all sorts of publishers and manufacturers and has something for everyone from CCG’s, RPGs, board games, miniatures, collectibles, and all sorts of accessories. You name it, it’s probably here.


Konami’s booth was utterly ridiculous.  This thing was 2 stories high, self illuminated, and even had two private rooms built into the back for “secret meetings”.  They even had a huge statue of one of the Yu-Gi-Oh Monsters up front.


This thing was over 6 feet tall and I’ve since learned that it’s called a “Stardust Dragon” (Thanks internetz).  I guess this is what happens when you make bajillions of dollars selling collectible card games to kids across the entire planet . . .

After the trade show floor closed I went looking for dinner with my buddy Will from Steve Jackson Games. We found a Nathan’s hot dog restaurant in the mall under the casino.  Yes, that’s right, there’s an entire mall underneath the casino.  Anyway, this was the first time I’d ever had Nathan’s and they were delicious.


Nathan’s puts on the annual 4th of July Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island, so I’ve always wanted to try these for myself. I had two of these tasty dogs with onions and mustard and they were great, but there’s no way I could eat 66 more of these like Joey Chestnut.  That guy’s not human.

Anyway, after dinner it was time to head for Publisher Services, Inc’s game night. This was a special event hosted by PSI that featured a bunch of us showing off our games and running demos late into the night.

After game night closed down there was still time for some penny slots before bed, but that wrapped up our GTS experience for this year.  Until next time!


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