Game Review Roundup!

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A lot has happened since we returned from GenCon, and during that time, we’ve gotten some great reviews on Castle Panic and Bloodsuckers as well as some video coverage from the show.

Growing Up Gamers takes a look at gaming with kids from a parent’s point of view and calls Castle Panic “. . . a cooperative game that gets it right.”

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Stephen Conway and David Coleson from The Spiel came by our booth at GenCon and wanted to know all about our new games. I was happy to tell them all about them, and you can check out all their GenCon footage on their site, or watch the interview here.

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Michael Barnes names some of his favorite things about Bloodsuckers on the Cracked LCD site:

“. . . novel concepts including great content presentation; highly approachable and easy to play” “Like Castle Panic, the rulebook is absolutely immaculate and all game information is presented clearly and cleanly—this is a game that can go from shrinkwrap to table in under 20 minutes, easily.”

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Elliott Miller of The Gaming Gang reviews Bloodsuckers, giving it an 8.25 (out of 10):

“After multiple plays I am still trying out different strategies which really do change depending on the number of players. It is thematic and challenging, and I liked it a lot.

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