Games Overboard Review of Castle Panic

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Brian from has just posted a great video review of Castle Panic on their website. It’s quite entertaining. He and TJ do a great job of showing off the game and telling you their favorite parts.

We were fortunate to get to meet Brian at BGGCon and on top of being a nice guy, he’s a true gaming enthusiast. His energy and love for games were apparent and you can see that in the work he’s doing at his review site. Good job guys.

Interestingly enough, he also explains some of the rules variations for Castle Panic that he and his group have been playing with and they just happen to be some of the same variations that we listed in our Alternate Rules that we posted recently. If you haven’t had a chance to check those out yet, you should take a peek. We think they’ll add a lot of fun, new ideas to your game and really let you fine tune the game and enjoy it even more.


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