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Our first store visit in the Seattle area took place, appropriately enough, on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Games Plus is currently located in a strip mall in Lake Stevens, but they’ve had several locations during the 28 years they’ve been in business. We settled down and after meeting everyone (and getting a nice, warm cup of coffee), it was time to play some games.

We started out with dual games of The Wizard’s Tower and Dead Panic. The castle defenders fought bravely, but in the end, a late draw of the Basilisk, Necromancer, and Dragon proved too much for them to overcome.


The humans in the first game of Dead Panic fared better, reaching the van mostly intact. The second game was much deadlier with only 1 of the players making it out alive! In between games we showed customers and store employees how to play Bears!, and Justin got distracted by the huge collection of dead and out-of-print CCG’s that they keep in the back of the store. When it all wound down, we packed up our goodies and said goodbye. Many games were played and a good time had. You can watch the tense ending of the second game of The Wizard’s Tower in the video below.

We get a short break while we catch up on business and then we’re off to Gamma Ray Games this Thursday, the 26th!

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