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We have put together this FAQ page to answer the most frequently asked questions we receive, so you can get back to playing your game!

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Updated 1/8/18

Game Play

If you have a question about Game Play for a specific game, choose your game from the list below and follow the link to that game’s specific FAQ page.

Castle Panic

Castle Panic: The Wizard’s Tower

Castle Panic: The Dark Titan

Dead Panic

Munchkin Panic

The Village Crone

That’s a typo that will be fixed in the next printing. Page 4 (and your Character Card) are correct in that you gain a Reward token when you match 5 or 6 dice, not 4.

Continue placing flames by using face down Reward tokens as placeholders until Flame tokens become available. (Often when you run out of Flame tokens, you are about to Scorch a tile, which will return Flame tokens to the supply.)

Reuse any that are on Scorched tiles since they no longer have any effect in the game. When all are used, no more may be placed.

No.  The extra movement from tokens only works on a characters own movement, not the crew bosses 1 move bonus.

No. The Crew Boss’s ability must be used to move another character.

Players can keep tokens that are in their possession, but they are removed from the game when they are played.