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Castle Panic: The Wizard's Tower

Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together this FAQ page to answer the most frequently asked questions we receive, so you can get back to playing your game!

If you don’t find the answer to your question here, please contact us, so that we can help you get back on track.

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Castle Panic: The Wizard’s Tower

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Updated 1/12/16

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Adding the Expansion

Playing Cards

If I use Hammer of Light or Barbarian on the Hydra, does he still spawn Imps, since those cards slay rather than just do damage?

No, the Hydra doesn’t spawn Imps if he is slayed, whether it is slayed in one hit or in the last of a series of hits.

Can the Barbarian hit the Dragon or other flying Monsters?

Yes, the Barbarian can hit the Dragon and other  flying Monsters. The cards that do not work on flying Monsters are listed  specifically on page 6. The Barbarian can still be as awesome as always.

When I play Reinforce do I go through either deck and take whatever card I want?

No, a player cannot go through either deck to take any card when  playing Reinforce. Reinforce allows a player to draw the top card from the  player’s choice of either deck, not the player’s choice of card from the  entire deck.

Can I use Mystical Manufacturing to build a Tower on top of a Monster?

Yes. Once Mystical Manufacturing is played to build a Tower on a Monster in the Castle ring, the tower is immediately destroyed and the Monster takes 1 point of damage. If that Monster is slayed, you keep it as a trophy. If the Monster still has damage points remaining, it will then move 1 space clockwise in the Castle ring, as usual, on Phase 5 of your turn.

If Wizard Quake is played to destroy a Tower and there is a wall in front of that Tower, is the Tower destroyed as well?

No, the wall is untouched. The Wizard merely requires the sacrifice of the Tower.

Since Knockback says to move the monster “after it takes damage,” is it valid to play an Archer hit card with Knockback to move a Centaur in the Archer ring back one space?

The special range Monsters (Cyclops, Centaur, and Golem) take no damage from cards played in their immune ring. So since Knockback moves the Monster after it takes damage, Knockback cannot be used on those Monsters when they are in their immune rings.

Boss Monsters

When the Chimera hits a Wall and has one health point left, does it live to breath fire, since the rules state that he breathes fire immediately after moving, or is he killed by the wall before he has the chance?

In that situation, the Chimera destroys the  Wall and perishes before he can breathe fire. This circumstance is  resolved in a manner similar to the two-step process that burning Monsters  hitting a Wall go through. First, they move and resolve all effects from  movement, and then they take damage from Flame tokens.

Does the Necromancer damage the Wall when he hits it? And what number of health points do I use to determine how many people he summons if he takes damage? The health before or after taking down the Wall?

Yes, the Necromancer destroys the Wall  when he hits it. The number of Monsters returned to the draw pile equals the  number of health points he had before he was destroyed. This guarantees  he will reanimate at least 1 Monster if he reaches the Castle, even if he was  on his last damage point.

Can the Necromancer redraw himself? In other words, is his Harbinger token put into the Monster discard pile before you do the random redraw of Monsters?

No, the Necromancer cannot redraw himself. All Harbinger tokens are  removed from the game as soon as they are played, not placed in the Monster  discard pile, so the Necromancer cannot bring Mega Boss Monsters back into play.

Does the Dragon always move by its special movement rules, or only on Phase 5?

The Dragon, Chimera, and Warlock all move by those special rules when:
a. They move during Phase 5, when all Monsters move.
b. They are moved or rotated by another monster token.

They do not move by the special movement rules if they are moved by a card, such as Knock-Back, Drive Him Back, Teleport, Extinguishing Wind, or Wall of Force.

Is the Conjurer a Boss Monster?

Yes, the Conjurer is a regular Boss Monster, not a Mega Boss Monster.


What happens when a Climbing Troll encounters a Wall that is on fire?

When a Climbing Troll encounters a Wall that is on fire, the Climbing  Troll bypasses the Wall and moves from the Swordsman ring into the Castle ring  as usual and then catches fire. A new Flame token is added to the Climbing  Troll, but the Flame token is not removed from the Wall. Damage from the Flame  token is not taken until the next Move Monsters Phase, however.

Does the Ogre take 4 hit-points to kill, or is it just worth 4 points when taken?

Yes, the Ogre is a bigger, tougher monster that takes 4 points to kill and is worth 4 points.

If a Cyclops is struck by a Wizard card in the archer ring is he slain?

Yes. The three “special range” Monsters (Cyclops, Centaur, and Golem) all have the same rule. If they are damaged at all in their vulnerable ring, they are immediately slain. It doesn’t matter if that damage is done by a Hit card or a Wizard card.

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