Gaming on Thanksgiving – A Great Tradition to Start

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Top 10 Games to Play at Thanksgiving

If you are hosting or attending a large Thanksgiving gathering, you may find yourself sitting in a room looking around at everyone else, playing the waiting game. Waiting for the last guests to arrive, waiting for your stomach to have more room for pie, waiting for an inspired idea of what to do with all these people in your house!

May we suggest playing a different game? Boardgames aren’t just for Game Night anymore. Today’s game offerings have something for everyone and are fun whatever the occasion!

In no particular order, here is our Top 10 List of Games to Play This Thanksgiving:

1. Castle Panic (Fireside Games) – (you know it had to be on our list) A great family-friendly cooperative game where you work together to defend the Castle. It is a fun way to kill an hour while killing off orcs and goblins and is sure to work up your appetite for another scoop of mashed potatoes.


2. Forbidden Island (GameWright)- Another great cooperative game for a slightly smaller crowd (2-4 players) of early arriving guests in which you must help each other survive by gathering artifacts and getting off the island before it sinks.


3. Dixit (Asmodee) – A very visual game that allows for creative and sneaky word play paired with images where you have to guess whose card is whose and score points for being right or tricking others to vote for you.


4. Gloom (Atlas Games) – If your family has a dark and twisty side, this game allows you a fun way to tap into all that angst by trying to kill off the family members in the deck in the most grisly and creative ways to earn the most points. Best for the families that prefer the dark meat to the light.


5. Tsuro (Calliope Games)- This simple yet elegant game can be as calm or competitive as you choose. Lay tiles to advance your token along the path, or use your tiles to get another player off track. Plays 2-8 players, so you can accommodate most crowds without anyone being left out.


6. Bears (Fireside Games) – Have a rowdy crowd? This game is fast-paced and frantic as you try to make the best pairs of dice and score the most points quickly. Easy to learn and adjustable as new guests arrive and join the game, this would be a great game to keep everyone busy while you finish basting the turkey.


7. The Three Little Pigs (iello) – Fun for the younger guests, but not exclusively so. Compete to build your houses to maximize the points you score, but watch out for the wolves as they can blow your house down and propel someone else to the lead.


8. Tiki Topple (GameWright)- Compete to get your tiki to the top and take out the competition with special card combos and quick thinking. Fast-paced fun that passes the time between turkey and pie.


9. Love Letter (AEG) – For the strategic thinkers and those family members new to gaming alike, this card game tests your bluff and is easy to pick up even if you aren’t an avid gamer. Compete for the top spot by calling out your fellow players and eliminating them from the game until you are the last player standing.


10. Word on the Street (Out of the Box) – A party game that pits two teams against each other in a tug of words. If the group agrees on the best word to fit the category and pulls the letters of that word closer to their side of the street, they just may be victorious. Get those creative juices flowing instead of heading into a post-dinner coma.


Don’t worry about picking THE perfect game. Provide an assortment and encourage everyone to try them out. Not only will your guests have a lot of fun, you just might get some holiday gift ideas out of it!

What games are your go-to choices for family get-togethers? Share in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “Gaming on Thanksgiving – A Great Tradition to Start

  1. I feel like Risk: Legacy is a good one to bring out at Thanksgiving. You can get a few games in over the ling weekend, and have a good chance at having the same players next Thanksgiving to continue the campaign.

    The Resistance is another good one to play with family. It helps bring together those who have contentious relationships. Or if you want to further divide them, bring out Diplomacy.

    1. The Resistance was on our alternate list!

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