Gen Con 2012 Rewind

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Gen Con wrapped up back on the 19th, but we’ve been busy ever since then and I’ve finally had a chance to put together our thoughts and pictures. Let’s take a look back at the awesomeness that was Gen Con.

Our journey started with plane trips, car rides, hotels and loading ramps. We arrived in Indianapolis and immediately got to work setting up the booth and getting ready for the start of the show the next day. The first setup days in the exhibit hall are always a madhouse of boxes, forklifts, banners and sweat. It always seems like there’s no way all the booths are going to come together in time for the show, but they always do.

Thursday saw the doors open and the hall filled with gamers. Unlike Origins, it became clear early on that Gen Con was going to be a big show! The numbers for a Thursday were really high and hundreds of smiling faces came by our booth to see about this “Castle game” they had been hearing so much about. Soon enough we had some destroyed Castles as well as our first Master Slayers. Now, if you know anything about our convention booths it’s that we have a sacred tradition of The Master Slayer Belt. Created by the famous Kris and Maureen of Frenzy Universe, it bears the signature of all the Master Slayers we’ve had during convention games since our first Origins booth.

Friday was looking good too as we rallied our booth troops and made our way into back to the hall.

“Heidi, we don’t have time for that kind of nonsense, there’s lots of other kinds of nonsense we’re late for!”

With 2 tables dedicated for Bears! and all our other games getting their own demo space, our booth was hopping. The Wizard’s Tower was living up to its reputation of taking Castle Panic to “another level” and many players were left with nothing but ruins where their Castle once stood, but everyone had huge grins.

The Fez helps him play as a better Vampire in Bloodsuckers. Fez’s are cool.

Late Friday it became clear that we were going to sell out of Castle Panic. Thanks to the popularity of Table Top, we had sold our entire inventory and I had managed to scrounge every copy available to bring to the convention. Sadly, it still wasn’t going to be enough.

Saturday started with the biggest rush so far and just after 10:00 we sold the last copy of Castle Panic to this lucky couple! It’s a good thing they made a point to come by the booth as quick as they did, and that armor may have helped as well.

If you’re still trying to get a copy of the game, we’ve got a large reprint coming into the warehouse in mid-September, so you shouldn’t have to wait much longer.

The Master Slayers continued to wield the Belt with pride and many castles were defended or destroyed.

“Whose side are we playing for again?”

We were so busy I never got much of a chance to see the rest of the show, but the few small journeys I did take made me wish for more time to look at all the great stuff. Too bad, because we were slammed! We were also filling in our sign-up sheet for the first ever Bears! Tournament. The final hours were ticking away before the furious dice rolling would begin. The hall closed on Saturday with only a single copy of The Wizard’s Tower left on our shelf.

Sunday saw a few quick games but 11:00 came around quickly and it was time to start our tournament! We rearranged some tables to make room, then after welcoming our contestants, we assigned all 24 players to their tables, gave them an overview of our “Tournament Rules” and got started. Our tournament rules mostly consist of making each player use only one hand, so you roll with the same hand you grab dice with. We also pair dice as they land when “Bears!” is called, so players have to be careful not to bump their dice since we do score mismatched pairs as negative points.

The booth was absolutely packed as we scored runners, guns and tents like mad, but before too long we had wrapped up our semi-finals and it was time for the final showdown!

The four finalists took their places around the table and the dice hit the table. A few tense rounds later it came down to a single point victory, 103 to 102, but the final winner was Christopher Slifer! He was quite excited to receive the super-awesome Dice Bag Bear and it showed.

We sold the final copy of The Wizard’s Tower and when the convention ended and the exhibit hall closed, we packed up all our stuff and said goodbye to Indy. It was a great time, and you can check out all the photos for yourself on our Facebook page. We can’t wait to come back and do it all again in 2013!


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