Gen Con 2013!

What a ride! This year was by far our busiest at Gen Con, and it came with all sorts of craziness. We arrived in Indianapolis on Sunday and rested up before hitting the convention center to set up our booth on Wednesday. Thanks to the help of the fabulous Frenzy Gals, Kris and Maureen, who are our regular convention partners-in-crime, we got the booth built and stuffed full of cool stuff. We rested up and began prepping for the big opening day.


Unfortunately, we had heard from our printer that the shipment of Dead Panic we were having flown over for Gen Con was going to arrive late. We’d been trying to get these games well ahead of the convention, but despite our best efforts we were out of luck.

Thursday morning came and when the hall opened, the rush of the crowd was awesome! It wasn’t nearly as much fun telling excited gamers that we wouldn’t have Dead Panic for a few more hours, but once the games arrived, we got players into demo games as fast as we could. The results were pretty fantastic. We’ve been excited to get Dead Panic on the table for months now and seeing gamers faces light up as they realized all the new options and risks in the game was a great payoff!

The booth was jam packed all day, and it never let up all weekend. The rush of fans, old and new, was incredible. The Dead Panic tables were never empty and there was a constant flow of players for The Wizard’s Tower, Bears!, and Bloodsuckers as well. It really was our biggest, best, turnout for Gen Con ever.

Justin gave a ton of interviews during the con, in which he showed Dead Panic. On Thursday morning, he treated viewers to the earliest peek at the game in a live-stream at We’ll be posting links to many of these videos shortly, so stay tuned to see more of Dead Panic! During the convention, Justin was also interviewed by several filmmakers working on projects about the board game industry. On Friday, Justin met with Alan Gerding to give his thoughts on Kickstarter and its influence on the hobby. This will be part of Alan’s upcoming “meta” documentary about Kickstarter, soon to be launched on Kickstarter. Saturday morning, Anne-Marie and Justin took a few minutes out of their morning to sit down with Douglas Morse to talk about their experience in starting Fireside Games and working in the industry. Our interview will eventually be a part of the already funded Kickstarter documentary “Adventures on the Tabletop.

On Friday, we had the special treat to be guests of honor at the Munchkin Tavern, where our friends at Steve Jackson Games announced that they are partnering with USAopoly and Cartoon Network to create Munchkin Adventure Time! It was pretty cool just to grab some fun food at their re-themed restaurant, but to be there when the announcement was made was extra cool! Steve even had on one of our promotional Dead Panic headbands for a while.


Saturday brought more games, more awesomeness, and even a special TableTop event! Geek & Sundry had been running a Twitter contest in which the winners could play a game of Castle Panic on THE TableTop table with Justin and Wil Wheaton! Wil had been playing games all weekend with fans and designers, but he needed a break so he sat out our game and cheered us on from the sidelines. Sadly, Justin’s phone went dead right before the event, so the only photos we have are from the event just before ours. Curse you, spare battery that didn’t fully charge, CURSE YOU!


We would say Sunday was a quiet day, but we’d be lying. Instead we had another fantastic day of back-to-back demos and sold out of Castle Panic before the hall closed. We were running demos right up until the final announcement was made and the lights went down on another Gen Con! We’re already making plans for how to make next year run smoother and still handle all the demand we know is coming. We want to thank all our fans for your enthusiasm, patience, and excitement. We’ve got some great stuff in store for you next year, and you’re really gonna enjoy the ride!

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