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The dust has settled on another fantastic Gen Con, and it was both a blast and a blur!

While Justin and Anne-Marie got on the road for the drive from Austin to Indianapolis (which you can watch here at superspeed), Kris and Maureen arrived early. After working their magic, we went from having an empty concrete space to an amazing red- and black-colored den of awesome sauce!


Before . . .



Shortly after we setup, Joel from Drive Through Review came by and went over Munchkin Panic with Anne-Marie to find out what makes it special. Take a look.

On Thursday, as always, a rush of gamers filled the exhibit hall and before you could say “Trophy Points,” we had full tables ready to go.

One of the special events we held at Gencon was a “Guess How Many Are in the Jar” contest. Each day we filled our prize jar with something different, and people filled out a card with their best guess. Whoever guessed closest won a copy of Munchkin Panic. To make those prizes even more fantastic, our friend and Munchkin artist, John Kovalic came by and signed each one. The first day, Ryan Behrens won by getting the closest guess on the number of Bears! dice.

John Kovalic with his own copy of Munchkin Panic
Our first winner!

Friday was another rapid-fire day of demos, meetings, interviews, and more. Our friend Rick from Let’s Level Up took a few minutes to talk with Anne-Marie and Justin about Munchkin Panic, and we had a good time putting the game in the spotlight


Later that day, Maximo Reinaldo was our prize winner with an EXACTLY CORRECT guess of 626 Troll Tokens! All day our friends at Steve Jackson Games had been running a wheel of prizes in their booth, one of which was a special dinner with Justin and Anne-Marie over at the Munchkin Tavern. The lucky winners got to enjoy good food and pick the brains of the designers as well as go home with an advanced copy of the game!

Exact guess? I bet he’s a Wizard.

Saturday was the busiest day yet, and we had a special visitor in the form of our very own booth volunteer Sandy coming by in her amazing Smaug costume! Handmade and filled with great details, it stunned everyone in our booth and earned her a second place prize!


After the guessing contest ended, we went through the guesses of treasure coins in our jar, and it turned out Chris Colvin had the winning one!

Winner number 3!

Sunday at Gen Con is always a day of contrasts. As an attendee, you are exhausted and running out of time to see everything, while as an exhibitor you are exhausted and hoping everyone has had the chance to see your latest game. The two may not always meet, but our tables filled up again and many laughs (and a few squeals) were heard as the last few hours passed. The last contest closed down and when the guesses were counted, Gregory Ramsey walked away with the last prize copy of Munchkin Panic for guessing closest to the right number of fireball candies in the jar. The consolation prize was that afterwards everyone got free fireball candy!

Our final winner! Congrats!

The end finally came. As the hall closed down and we began tearing down the booth and packing away all our goodies, we all agreed that this was the best GenCon so far. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve got in store for next year.

We want to say a special thank you to all of our volunteers that helped out in the booth this year. Edgar, Sarah, Sandy, Rusty, Frances, Kris, and Sam, you were all great and we couldn’t have done it without you! Another special thank you goes to our own Maureen McCardel for the amazing job she did planning and managing the booth this year and to our own Kris McCardel for all of her support planning, organizing, demoing, and helping in every way possible! They made sure all of the Fireside friends and customers had a great experience to share and great memories of Gen Con 2014.

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