GenCon 2011 Rewind!

It’s been over a week since GenCon wrapped up, and while we’ve been busy since then, we figured now was a good time to look back at all the fun we had. I kept a short travel video journal that you can watch  for some behind-the-scenes footage as well.

In the Beginning . . .

I flew in ahead of the rest of the crew to get everything set up before all our stuff arrived. As I waited to pick up my luggage at the Indy airport, I was greeted by a mysteriously appropriate package.

I didn’t see a coffin on the luggage carousel, but I’m wondering if this is for Bloodsuckers? Then a shot of the hall before the show.

After I made it to the convention center, I checked in and got the booth as prepared as I could before everyone else arrived. The exhibit hall is a completely different beast when it’s almost entirely empty or full of only crates and boxes. It’s kind of like walking through a library, a library with forklifts running around, but you get the idea.

The next day was the official setup day, and once Anne-Marie and Kris and Maureen (of Frenzy Universe fame!) arrived, we made short work of setting up all the tables, banners, signs, and demo spaces for our booth. We were ready!

Let the Show Begin!

Our booth was ready and so were we, which was good because no sooner had we finished our final preparations than the first wave of gamers came rushing through!

The first day of a convention is usually pretty busy as all the attendees make the rounds of the hall to see all the new stuff and this was especially true at GenCon. We were busy from the very first moments until the hall shut down and the lights were turned off. There was lots of cool stuff to check out at the show, but we had a lot of fans, new and old, hitting our booth and checking out all our offerings.

Neal thinks you should play a game! Okay, I'll admit it. The giant Warjack at the Privateer Press booth was pretty cool . . .

Bigger Is Better!

GenCon was bigger than ever this year, taking over a brand new wing of the Indianapolis Convention Center and having record attendance. The show even felt bigger this year compared to last year, with the Exhibitor Hall always being packed. Our booth was constantly packed with demos, interviews, questions, or just folks stopping by to say hi.

Bears! was a huge hit at the show, with hundreds of demo games played. There was always a crowd around the demo table and lots of gamers screaming “BEARS!” Here’s a shot of one of the 7-player games we ran. Bears! comes as a 4-player game, but it’s easily expanded with additional copies, and we brought two demo sets to accommodate more players for just this situation.


The Bloodsuckers demo game was constantly busy as attendees came by to see our newest release in person. There were many times I was cleaning up at the end of one demo only to have a new group sit down to try it themselves, and we weren’t complaining! Many tense battles were waged between the forces of light and darkness, with many close calls. I was especially interested to see the number of TCG (Trading Card Game) and CCG (Collectible Card Game) players that came by the booth and played the game. They really enjoyed the way Bloodsuckers has some TCG/CCG elements in the way cards are used but has a totally unique feel to how you battle to control Bystanders and locations. If you enjoy games like Magic or the World of Warcraft TCG, you should definitely check out Bloodsuckers for something familiar but different.

One of our many free goodies at the show was a set of temporary tattoos that go with Bloodsuckers. The most popular of those was the vampire bite, which is displayed here proudly by our youngest victim, er, uh . . . fan.

Castle Panic was of course a huge hit, as always, and the demo table was never empty. This time we got to show off the game to new players of all ages as well as give our existing fans a thrill by telling them about The Wizard’s Tower expansion! We had a lot of players drooling over the idea of casting spells and fighting Dragons.

Behold the Master Slayer! With a little help from Dad.

For players that survived the onslaught at the show, we even had a special bonus—the fabulous Master Slayer Belt created by Frenzy Universe! Only the most heroic of defenders could wield (and sign their name on) its magnificent awesomeness! Plus, they got to take their picture with it, so that’s pretty cool.

The Master Slayers came in all shapes and sizes during the convention, but they all displayed their prize with the pride that can only come with victory!

Not that every game was a victory. Boulders and Orcs claimed their fair share of Castles over the course of the convention and sometimes all that was left were memories and a smoldering pile of broken bricks. Many gamers learned to fear the name Troll Mage, and those gamers were awarded with Monster Chow badge ribbons. Not such a bad deal really.

Sometimes you’re the Master Slayer, and sometimes you’re just Monster Chow!

Eventually Sunday came around, and we wrapped up our last demos and closed down the hall, saying goodbye to another GenCon. It was a fantastic show, and we had an absolutely great time meeting new people, introducing gamers to our products for the first time, or seeing old friends and fans again. A big thank you to everyone that came by our booth. We hope you enjoyed the convention as much as we did! I only posted a fraction of the photos here, so be sure to like us on Facebook and check out all the fun. We’ll see you next year!

The Fireside Games GenCon 2011 crew! From left to right. Top row: Gabby, Neal, Kris, Justin, Anne-Marie. Bottom row: Heidi, Maureen
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