Get Sheen It! for Free!

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Allright, it’s official. What started out as a “Hey, wouldn’t it be funny?” story has become a real game. Fireside Games is proud(?) to present Sheen It! Our first free print-and-play game.

Sheen It! is a completely ridiculous card game about trying to “Out-Sheen” Charlie at his own crazy wordsmithing game, and the best part is it’s completely free!

In Sheen It! players compete to create the most epic sayings out of Charlie Sheen-isms. Combine cards that contain elements from Charlie’s best quotes to create your own new sentence or phrase. If the Judge thinks yours is the best, you score. Be the first player to reach 10,000 points and you can truly say you are WINNING!

You can learn more on the Sheen It! page of our website, here,  and download the game there as well. The pdf file is free to download and distribute however you want, and it includes the rules as well as all the cards you’ll need to play. Just print it, cut out the cards, and see if you really have tiger blood in your veins!

Have fun everybody!


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