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Last Saturday was the big day for the Give 2 Game charity event and it was a lot of fun.  The turnout was much bigger than last year and it looks like the donations were more than twice what was made last time!  It didn’t hurt that there were tons of games available and lots of people to play them with as well.

One of the first things you noticed when you walked in was the huge line of tables covered with items for the auction. It was hard to miss and absolutely covered with all kinds of goodies. 

Mmmmm... Games
Mmmmm... Games

The auction items included everything from a copy of Fluxx to the Lord of the Rings game, (with 2 expansions) and even copies of out-of-print classics like Fortress America and HeroQuest.

There were door prizes just for walking in, which is my kind of prize, as well as a ton of game packages you could buy raffle tickets for. 




Once we got settled in I tried to get a shot of the whole room, but instead I ended up taking a picture of Ian Cooper (of Taktika fame) taking a picture of me, taking a picture of him.


I hope the universe doesn’t implode or anything . . .


That empty table on the left there was immediately filled when Anne-Marie and I joined a few other players for a game of Can’t Stop, the original Parker Brothers version of the great push-your-luck dice game.  It was a lot of fun to finally get to try this game out and Anne-Marie won this one as well.

We also managed to get in a game of Galaxy Trucker which is always a good time and once again Anne-Marie came out the winner. Are you noticing a pattern here?

 After a quick break for lunch we tried out Stone Age with our new friend Matt.  I was looking forward to trying this one out since it’s always been reviewed well and I’d heard good things about it.  There’s a lot to figure out at first, but it ended up being good fun and even though I kept my tribe well fed and productive I’ll just let you take a guess at who ended up winning this one . . .


It wasn’t long after that when the first scheduled event took place, the raffle drawing.  Jonathan Grabert played MC (and did a fine job, I might add) and drew those tickets out of boxes like a pro.  Even if he did destroy every ticket box with the enthusiasm of a kid on Christmas morning . . . And he wasn’t even getting the goodies!

After the raffle, it was onto the big auction where people got crazy with their cash and gave generously.  We had donated a copy of Castle Panic just for the auction and it went over quite well, with a nice bidding war and a happy winner in the end.  That’s Dan and Kelly on the left there, the organizers of the whole event. 
Finally, the moment everyone had been waiting for the two big-box classics HeroQuest and Fortress America came up for bid. Jonathan worked hard for those two and the crowd wasn’t disappointed as the prices went up and two lucky winners got to take home a little, er . . . somewhat big, piece of gaming history. 


All in all, it was a lot of fun and the latest totals show that the event raised over $1600 and more than 300 pounds of food for the Capital Area Food Bank of Central Texas.  Not bad for a bunch of gamers doing what they do best.

Big thanks to all the sponsors, volunteers, helpers, and players who showed up and gave to a good cause.


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