Goblin Costume Brings the Panic to Halloween

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Okay, so this is more than a little late, but it’s still good stuff. Apparently last Halloween one of our fans decided that of all the things he wanted to dress up as, he was going to go as a Goblin from Castle Panic. How cool is that? Fire up the homemade costume machine and let slip the dogs of war!

Will the Monsters tear down your doors and steal your precious candy?” Oh, I certainly hope so. . .

Goblin Halloween Costume
That wall is in trouble.

Goblin KingThe cape kind of makes me think of the Goblin King.

I hope he brought 3 random friends with him when he went Trick or Treating and terrorized the neighborhood!

This makes me happy in so many ways. First off I’m a huge fan of Halloween, so seeing somebody else really getting into it always makes my day. Then to know that this little guy wanted to go as one of our Goblins, just makes me grin far too much. Take that Buzz Lightyear!

Special thanks to Mike Fitts for letting us use his photo.


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