Hayden thinks it’s a great game

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There are quite a few people out there doing video reviews of board games these days. They’re a great way to show how a game looks, plays, and what players should expect. With the latest review up at Games with Hayden.com we may have a thumbs up from our youngest reviewer ever!

gameswithhaydenHayden Teeter (with a little help from his Dad) is creating video reviews of lots of games including new releases and some classics.  He just sat down and gave Castle Panic a go through and interestingly enough his first comparison is to the classic video game Space Invaders.  Honestly, I don’t know what impresses me more; the fact that the tension and pressure from Space Invaders is a great comparison that I don’t hear made very often, or the fact that this precocious kid is referencing a video game that’s over 30 years old! 

Regardless, Hayden does a great job of reviewing the components and covering the gameplay.  I won’t give away the ending, but I will say his verdict rhymes with “Freight Train” . . .  This is another great review to check out if your considering playing Castle Panic with children and want to see what they really think.

Great work on the review Hayden, keep ’em coming!


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