How to Host an At-Home Castle Panic Party

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We wish everyone could be in Texas with us for the big Castle Panic Anniversary event in September, but we understand geography can get in the way sometimes.  That’s why we’ve put together this little guide for How to Host a Castle Panic Party at home.

Step 1: Get a copy of Castle Panic.

What? You don’t already have one?! For reals? Well, that’s okay. It’s never too late to start. We encourage you to find a local game store near you and pick up a copy. You might even make some new friends in the process. Maybe even friends who like to play Castle Panic and want to be invited to a party.

Can’t find a store near you? You can order games directly from us. (New friends not included.) Oh, and The Wizard’s Tower expansion to Castle Panic really goes nicely with your party theme, so you might want to pick one of those up as well.


Step 2: Invite friends.

We’ve made that really simple by creating some fun, themed party invitations for you to download (For FREE!), print off, fill out, and hand out to your friends and fellow Master Slayers. You can get the party invitations as downloadable PDFs on the Castle Panic Birthday webpage.

Step 3: Decorate for the party.

Want to add some festive flair to your Castle Panic party? We’ve got Monster balloons! You can get a set of 5 Monster balloons or a multi-color set that includes one Monster balloon and one of each of the Arc colors from the game.

Multicolor crepe paper streamers also work well. You can use colored silverware, drink cups, and plates to carry the color theme even further.


Step 4: Get party favors.

Who doesn’t love getting a little gift when they attend a party? We’ve got you covered there as well! Check out the Castle Panic Birthday webpage for FREE downloadable coloring pages of Castle Panic art and the exclusive Castle Panic Paper Oracle. They make great favors!

We recently got in some sweet Embroidered Monster Patches and reusable Monster totes to go with our Monster Icon T-shirts.  We also put together special Castle Panic Anniversary Swag Packs that include all the past Castle Panic promo items to help you slay the Monsters each time you play. Get one for each guest, or get an assortment to share. After all, Castle Panic is all about cooperation!

Step 5: Don’t forget the cake!

Or cupcakes, or cookies, or gluten-free organic fruit slices. Whichever treat you prefer, be sure to have some on hand to share. Just watch out for the Monsters, because they like to pillage the snack table! Our Monster Draw Bags make great treat bags.


Step 6: Play Castle Panic and HAVE FUN!

That’s the real heart of the party, isn’t it? Fun! Whether you have one guest, or a horde of Monsters beating down your door for the hottest ticket in town, be sure to relax and enjoy the game. That’s what matters most.


We’d love to see how you are celebrating. If you tweet about it, use #HappyBdayCastlePanic so we can see too. You can also record a video message to Castle Panic and send it to our Marketing Team for inclusion in our event coverage. Or color a Monster or a Hero and send us a picture. However you choose to celebrate, we know you’ll do it in style.

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3 thoughts on “How to Host an At-Home Castle Panic Party

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  2. Hello,

    thanks for putting this stuff together, we missed the hangout but my 10 year old is a huge fan and wants to have a castle panic birthday this year. Do you guys have any suggestions for variations for playing with more than 6 players? I didn’t see anything in the FAQ, but didn’t know if you guys had done something different for the various parties/events you have had. I wasn’t sure how small each players hand could get before it was too difficult to do anything. If we bought an extra deck of castle cards would that help?

    thanks for any advice or suggestions,


    1. Hi Marc,

      We’re glad to hear your family is enjoying Castle Panic so much! The game technically maxes out at 7 players and 1 of those players would have to play as the Overlord, which will be a different experience than just playing against the game. Whenever we’ve done large events we use more than 1 game and just have several games going at the same time. Adding more players will make the time between turns take too long and another deck of cards will completely throw off the balance of the game. If you’re holding the party at your local game store, you might be able to borrow their demo copy of the game. Or if you have a friend with a copy, maybe you could borrow theirs?

      If you’d like to view the Hangout, you can watch it anytime on our YouTube channel. It’s available at this link:

      Tell your son Happy Birthday from us!

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