Hunting Monsters and Visiting Graveyards – Spooky Schemes Scored!

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Our weary travelers have to score two more points as they wind down the Something Wicked Tour. Can they do it? Read on and find out…

1 POINT: Search for the Unexplainable – (Lake Champlain, VT) COMPLETED
The legends of a mysterious creature that lives in Lake Champlain go back centuries. The native Americans had their stories and colonial settlers had sightings that have continued up until just a few years ago.

I FOUND CHAMP! I FOUND CHA . . . Oh wait. Nevermind.

Okay, so we “found” Champ on the edge of Lake Champlain. This monster hunting stuff is easy!

“Champ” as the beast is called, has been a mystery for years, but not anymore. We found him! Watch the video to see our brave adventure as we go for our twelfth Witches Scheme on our Something Wicked Tour.

1 POINT: Whistle by a Witch – (York, ME) COMPLETED

The final Witches Scheme for our Something Wicked Tour took us to the small town of York, Maine on a chilly afternoon as the sun set. In the center of town lies the Old Burying Yard. This graveyard dates back to the 1800’s and has its own morbid history with the victims of an Indian massacre buried here.

But we were brought here in search of something even more mysterious. Mary Nasson was a colonial woman who was known for being a powerful herbalist. As her reputation grew, so did misunderstanding of her power until she was accused of Witchcraft and executed. Her grave is off on its own at the edge of the cemetery and it’s the only one of its kind.

In addition to a carefully carved headstone it features a heavy stone slab covering the grave itself. Legend has it that the slab was placed there to keep her body from crawling out of the grave. While that makes for a spooky story, it’s more likely that the stone was placed by her husband to keep animals from disturbing the grave.


There are many stories about Mary, ranging from her ghost still roaming the area, to the local crows being her familiars, but all we saw was a beautiful memorial. Our visit to her gravesite scores us the 13th point we need and completes our Witches Schemes for the Something Wicked Tour. We hope you had fun visiting these mysterious spots with us and maybe it’ll inspire you to look into your own local spooky attractions.

This wasn’t part of the official tour game, but we realize now it should have been! Justin and Anne-Marie took an afternoon to visit their most “chilling” site yet. The Ben and Jerry’s plant in Waterbury, Vermont! They even dared to visit the Flavor Graveyard, where old flavors go to die, and it turns out, they found a “Wich”!

Something_Wicked_Ben_and_Jerrys_Wich_Tombstone Something_Wicked_Ben_and_Jerrys_Flavor_Graveyard

What’s the Score?
With these last two official schemes complete that adds 2 more points to the running total of 11 for the goal of 13 points. They did it!

Now it’s your turn to see if you can score the points you need to be named The Village Crone! Check out the game that inspired the tour and will have you casting spells left and right to vie for the title of town witch!

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