I Never Drink . . .Wine!

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Bloodsuckers BoxMatthew McHale, one of the hosts of Not Just Another Gaming Podcast (NJAGP), has become a fan of Bloodsuckers. The guys did a quick review of the game during their horror-themed podcast just before Halloween (which you can check out here). Over the next few weeks, Matt decided to keep playing our bloody little vampire game and posted several tweets about it growing on him. (I guess you could say, we “turned” him into a fan! Ha!)

He recently posted his own review over at BoardGameGeek.com. In the review, he gives a short explanation of gameplay and what you get in the box: “[T]he components of the game are excellent especially the standup board. All the dials are metal riveted on and it is made of thick cardboard, nice art; I love this piece of the game.” Matt sums it all up with “Over all [sic] I am very happy with this game and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.”

You can check out Matt’s whole review on BoardGameGeek.com.

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