Imperial Outpost Wraps Up Our Phoenix Visit

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Last Thursday, we finished up our time in Phoenix, Arizona, with a visit to Imperial Outpost Games. This was another one of those fun store appearances where we had fans waiting for us before we even arrived! We took over a bunch of tables and jumped right in with demos of all our games going. We often meet fans that love Castle Panic but haven’t tried The Wizard’s Tower yet, and there were more than a few brave souls willing to try it for the first time at Imperial Outpost. They soon realized how nasty the Mega Boss monsters can be!

Bears! was played almost non-stop all night long, and when we announced the tournament was starting, players dropped what they were doing in other games to join in. There were some close calls, but in the end it came down to 102 points versus 105 points for the win, even if it involved “teamwork”!

One of the cool things about our time at Imperial Outpost was that the entire time we were there, they were running the extended edition of our episode of TableTop on the store monitor. It was a little surreal to see Wil and his gang playing at the same time we were, and at times it was hard to tell whether the shouts were coming from the monitor or our table.

We wrapped up the night with a bunch of first-time players getting into games of Castle Panic. They learned to fear the Goblin King as all good players should.

Friday morning saw us packing up and heading out to California. That officially ended the Southwest part of our West by Southwest tour. From here on out, we’re mostly going to be on the West coast, with a quick jaunt over to Indiana for Gen Con and Atlanta for Dragon*Con in August. The drive to California took us through some more amazing scenery with cool rock formations and winding mountain roads. We passed right through the wind farms outside of Palm Springs and made it to the coast and Highway 101 a few hours later. Check out the videos below of both the store visit and the drive to San Luis Obispo, and stay tuned for our visit to Captain Nemo Games & Comics on Wednesday the 17th!

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Our drive out to San Luis Obispo

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