In This Episode, We Visit the Mothership!

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Last Tuesday, we hopped in the Fireside minivan and headed to north Austin to check out Mothership Books and Games. Mothership is one of the newest game stores to appear in Austin, and it’s also one of the more unique ones. Half hobby game store, half LAN center, Mothership is covering all the bases when it comes to fun stuff.

This was our first visit to Mothership, and it turned out to be excellent! The owner Derrick and his staff took good care of us, and before we knew it, we had a crew of gamers ready to dig into our games. Right away we had Bears! demos running, and The Wizard’s Tower well under siege.

Later that night when we started getting ready for the Bears! tournament, we moved the game over to the live-stream table and began broadcasting not only the demo but the whole tournament over the internet. I don’t know how many of you were able to catch the live-stream, but it was a really cool feature to be able to have during one of our events. We may have to look into that more in the future.

Look Ma! It’s Bears! on the computer box!

In the end the tournament came down to an incredibly close finish, and it’s totally worth checking out in the video below. All in all it was a great night and a really fun visit for us and some great Austin fans.

After we wrapped up the demo, we took a few minutes to chat with Derrick about how he got started, how things are going, and what makes Mothership different from the other stores in the area. The interview was so good we’ve posted it below as its own video. So grab a snack and take a few minutes to hear about what goes into starting and running a game store!

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