It’s Almost Time for Gen Con!

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Gen Con 2012 happens next month, running from the 16th to the 19th of August, and we can’t wait to get out to Indianapolis! This will be our third Gen Con and we’ve got all sorts of good stuff planned for this one. Let’s start with the big stuff first.


This year, we’re located pretty much right up front and in the middle of the big Exhibitor Hall. You can find us in booth #810 which is here:

We’ll be surrounded by Fantasy Flight Games, so if you find them, you’ve probably found us.


Just like last year, we’ll be running demos of all our games, and we’ve got oodles of free stuff we’re giving away. If you’ve ever visited our booth before you know we give away some cool things and this year we’ve got something for every one of our games. Bookmarks, coasters, temporary tattoos, and more.  We’ve got it so come get some.


This year, you can sign up for our first ever Bears! Tournament which will take place on Sunday! If you can outscore your opponents and be the last person standing, you’ll take home one of the coolest Bear-related prizes ever. Seriously. More details to follow.


Thanks to a certain awesome episode of TableTopCastle Panic has been extremely popular lately. This leads to a situation a lot like my all-time favorite bit from The Simpsons:

We’ve been selling a LOT of Castle Panic. (This is good.) In fact, we are currently sold out. (This is bad.) We managed to collect a few copies to bring with us. (This is good.) But if you want to buy Castle Panic from us at Gen Con YOU NEED TO BE THERE EARLY! Seriously, we will probably sell out the first day of the show. (This is bad.) We’ll have lots of copies of The Wizard’s Tower, Bloodsuckers and Bears! on hand so we can definitely help you out there, but when it comes to Castle Panic, the early bird gets the Orc. The last bit of good news however, is that the reprint should be arriving in early September, so you won’t have to wait long. Plus, just like in previous years, we’ll be running our Suitcase Saver promotion where you can buy a game from us at the convention pricing and we will ship it to you for free once it’s available.


Want to learn how to play Castle Panic with The Wizard’s Tower, but don’t want to wait at our booth? You’re in luck! The good people at Rogue Judges are going to be running 2 sessions during Gen Con and you can get in for just $2 in event tickets. Generics are accepted.

The event times are: Friday 8/17 at 10:00AM and Saturday 8/18 at 12:00PM. Both sessions will be held in Hall E in the Rogue Judges area.

We’ll have more details as the convention gets closer, but make sure to come by our booth, get some goodies, and have some fun with us as we celebrate the wonderful craziness that is Gen Con!

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4 thoughts on “It’s Almost Time for Gen Con!

  1. Can’t wait to see you guys at GenCon!!!

    1. Just a few more weeks Nancy, we’re pretty excited!

  2. Unfortunately I can’t make it to gencon, but I was wondering if you guys are currently working on any more Castle Panic expansions. We have Castle Panic and Wizard’s tower, but we want more!!! Keep up the great work.

    1. Hi Aaron, we’ve always got new stuff in the works, so stay tuned. We will definitely have a second expansion for Castle Panic but we’ll have a big announcement about our next game pretty soon.

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