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Lubbock is mostly known as the birthplace of Buddy Holly and the home of Texas Tech. For the last week, it was our home too. We checked into our hotel about a week before our visit to Mad Hatter’s and put that time to good use. We wrapped up some plans for Gen Con (We are gonna have some fun stuff for you!), scheduled some more store visits, and even got some maintenance done on the van. Of course, all work and no play makes you do the creepy typewriter thing, so we took a little time off for some fun. We hit The Choc’Late Mousse: A Pie Bar, a hip little joint that serves fantastic mousse pie instead of drinks. We ran on some local trails and even drove out to Prairie Dog Town to see some of the cute critters. On Friday, we found out that Lubbock still has a drive-in movie theater and there was no way we were going to miss that! For $7 a person, you get a double feature, so we cleared out the van, flipped the back seats over, and watched some World War Z! (We’d already seen the other half of the double feature.)

It’s movie time!

After all that playing, it was time for more playing—games, that is! Mad Hatter’s is a surprisingly big store, with a lot of table space and a whole extra room that we took over for our event. In fact, it’s probably one of the 5 biggest stores we’ve seen on our tour. The owners, Hatter and Matt, run a good store, with a pretty loyal fan base. Saturday is board game night, so we got to meet a bunch of gamers that were already fans and show off our games to new players. Anne-Marie trained a bunch of folks on how to run from bears, just in time for the tournament. The Wizard’s Tower was close, and in the end . . . well, I’ll let the video show you how that went down.

The Bears! tournament was fast and furious, with all nine players grabbing dice and taking some big risks. In the end, though, only one player can walk away the winner, and Morgan was that winner, taking home a copy of the game to share with his game group.

We wrapped up the night by trying out one of Hatter’s own game designs before we headed out. All in all, it was a great night. Now we say goodbye to Texas as we head out to Albuquerque for our next appearance at Twin Suns on Wednesday, July 3rd!

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