Munchkin Panic – A Peek Under the Helmet

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How do you show people a game BEFORE the game is available to be shown? That was our conundrum when trying to come up with a way to share the art and details behind Munchkin Panic when we didn’t have a copy of the game to share yet.

Then, our brilliant Sales & Marketing Manager Kris said, “Why not make a photo book of the art with details about the game design and what makes it different from both Castle Panic and Munchkin?” And we all applauded and then got to work! “Munchkin PanicA Peek Under the Helmet” was born.

While this project was initially intended to be a print project it became clear we had some great information to share will all of you. So, we turned it into a slideshow. Then we decided it was kind of dry with no sound so our Marketing team turned the slideshow into a movie and narrated it for your viewing pleasure.

We hope this answers some of your burning questions, and maybe even generates some new ones. We are very excited to be sharing this information with you and will be adding more videos about the making of Munchkin Panic and showing you what the actual game will look like as we get our production samples and it gets ready to hop on a boat and make its way to your game libraries.

You will be able to view the printed copies of this book at upcoming shows in the booth of our friends at Steve Jackson Games, as well as in our booth at GenCon (along with the advance copy demos we’ll be running).

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